Microsoft is fixing Windows 10’s annoying auto-update system

The new Creator update will give you more control when resetting your PC, reports CNET.

Image of it: You’re working on an important Office document, within minutes, and when you think you can do it on time, Windows 10 will restart. It shows annoying update / reset screen, because suppose your unknown, downloaded and installed operating system in the background has been updated. Then, at an appropriate time, like the one described above, it decided to simply reset the PC and install the new updates.

It’s common sense, isn’t it? After all, why should your operating system obey your commands? You didn’t make it, Microsoft did. So it complies with Microsoft, not you. Well, no more. The Redmond-based company is finally doing something about these annoying updates, reports CNET.

No, don’t rejoice yet. Windows 10 will still push updates in the background, so your data FUPs will still take a hit. What doesn’t happen is annoying resumes. According to CNET, the upcoming Creator update for Windows 10 will allow users to choose when to restart their PC.

CNET explains that a dialog box will pop up asking you to restart now, pick a time or snooze the update. If you choose to snooze it, you will be allowed three more days to hit the button each time until you reach the 35 day mark. And then, you’ll have an “remind me tomorrow” option, which will appear every day. So, instead of frustrating you by resetting in the middle of important work, Microsoft will bother you to update your PC.

The new way will certainly be annoying, yet, but it at least gives you more control over when updates happen. Also, you can’t really blame Microsoft for forcing you to update your PC by repeatedly showing you pop-ups, since an updated computer is for your own benefit, especially when important security updates are pending.

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