Microsoft is testing new features in Windows 10S that deny the requirement

April 4, 2022 0 Comments

The new feature is part of the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17093 and uses an authentication app on the user’s smartphone to log in.

Looks like Microsoft could soon kill the need to memorize passwords, at least on its Windows 10S operating system. With the new Insider preview release, build 17093, the company is in the process of testing a feature that will negate the need to remember passwords. Users need to download and connect authentication app to log in.

“With this build change, your Windows 10 S PC will automatically password-free your experience. You’ll notice that if you have Windows Hello set up, you won’t see the password anywhere in the Windows experience – not on the unlock screen or in the sign-in option, “the company noted in its blog.

In addition to the new authentication features, the new build brings many more additions. It includes a new design in the game bar, which allows users to toggle the microphone and camera, as well as edit the title of the mixer stream directly from the game bar buttons. There is also the option of adding a watch and choosing a theme. There are also graphical improvements in the operating system. Microsoft is extending HDR video access to more users from Settings> Apps> Video Playback. If the ‘Stream HDR Video’ toggle is turned on, the device can be calibrated for HDR video. There’s also a new experimental calibration tool that lets users change the way HDR video is displayed on their device. This allows users to find a balance between dark and bright scene details. Additionally, there are new graphics settings for multi-GPU systems that give users more control over the app’s graphics performance.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17093 Fast Ring for PC is available to Windows Insiders and those who have opted out.

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