Microsoft Launches All-in-One Office App for Android and iOS Devices

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

Microsoft’s new Office app integrates the features of Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps.

The maker of the Windows desktop operating system announced yesterday the launch of its new Office app, and the dream of integrating Microsoft’s three most widely used productivity apps into a single mobile app is finally coming true. Now available for free download on Android and iOS devices (tablets included), the new Microsoft Office app works as a one-stop-shop for opening and editing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. It allows the user to scan physical documents and convert hand-drawn tables into Excel sheets.

Microsoft launched the new Office app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store yesterday after months of public preview. By the way, it combines the power of existing Word, Excel and PowerPoint individual apps but does not replace them. Microsoft says it has created new Office apps to create a simplified office experience on mobile devices and reduce the amount of storage space they take up. On an average modern Android device like the OnePlus 5, the new Office app takes up about 500MB of storage space.

The new Microsoft Office app not only integrates the features of the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps, but also brings extra productivity features for users who work with frequent documents and spreadsheets. For example, it could use the device’s camera to convert a physical document or whiteboard drawing into a PDF file. It can convert hand drawn tables to Excel sheets using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It supports digital signature of PDF files and file transfer between a PC and a smartphone up to 10MB in size. It also offers a few note taking features.

Unlike Microsoft’s Office 365, the new Office app does not require a subscription. However, Microsoft says it will unlock some of the premium features signed into the app with a Microsoft account linked to Office 365. “We’ve made a number of improvements to the public preview, including support for third-party storage services, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud; Templates to help create new documents, spreadsheets and presentations; And overall performance improvement, ”Microsoft wrote in its blog post. Click here to download the app.

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