Microsoft may soon replace Windows 10 SK with ‘S mode’

April 4, 2022 0 Comments

Microsoft has announced Windows 10S OS as a lighter, more secure and accessible version of the full OS for better performance on devices with less powerful specifications.

Microsoft may soon rebrand its lightweight Windows 10S operating system as Windows 10S mode. According to reports from Thurrott and Neowin, this is being done to make the OS fit better into the company’s portfolio. Windows 10 S, instead of being a full OS, will be available as a mode in most versions of Windows 7

According to reports, Windows 10 S will no longer be offered by the company as SKU and the new S mode will be available for users running Windows Home, Pro and Enterprise versions. Users are upgrading from Windows 10 Home S to Home for free, with Pro S users paying $ 49 to upgrade to Pro.

The Thurrott report states that according to Microsoft, 60 percent of users remain in Windows 10 S. Users switching to the full version of Windows OS will do so within a day of purchasing the device. However, if they do not switch in the first seven days, 83 percent are running in S mode. The new mode is expected to be available to users soon, with an unlock option available for the full version of Windows.

Thurrott further reports that according to Microsoft, there will be security apps in S mode. According to the report, “Microsoft has said that there will be AV / Security app in S mode. Does this mean that the third party company’s traditional AV software will run in S mode? If so, does it not break the very foundation of S mode and diminish the functionality of the mode?

Windows 10 S has been launched by Microsoft as a more flexible and secure version, which works exclusively with apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store. It was showcased by the company as a Chrome OS competitor in May last year, and if a user attempts to download third party or legacy Windows software, Windows 10 S flags the download and displays two options which is to try an app with similar functionality. To do. Upgrade to Store or Windows 10 Pro.

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