Microsoft Office is getting a dark mode for MacOS Mojave

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

Testers will have access to this dark mode early next week. The information came from Microsoft Product Manager on Twitter

Microsoft Office 365 for Mac is getting a dark mode on MacOS Mojave. The information comes from Microsoft’s own Akshay Boxer, a product manager for Microsoft. Twitter. He tweeted, ‚ÄúTake a closer look at the picture icon. Office running on MacOS Mozave in Dark Mode. “If you are an internal part of Office, you will be able to access this feature early next week. Will also be able to respond to Microsoft. It also looks like Dark Mode will be limited to Office 365 customers.

MacOS Mojave already has a Dark Mode, and MS Office’s Dark Mode will appreciate it if you use Dark Mode on Apple’s latest desktop and laptop OS. Once the testing of the new features is complete, it will roll out to Office 365 users. There is no official word yet on whether Dark Mode will enter any other version of Office for Mac.

Microsoft has also introduced a dark mode in File Explorer in the October update of Windows 10. You can read more about the October Windows 10 update here

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