Microsoft rolls out customer-centric updates to the Office 365 UI to enhance it.

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

The company said that UI updates for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook from the Office 365 suite will only go into production after the verification and refinement process.

To enhance the overall user experience, Microsoft has introduced design as well as performance updates in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook that will gradually roll out to all its customers in the next few months. Microsoft claims that these changes are “inspired by a new culture of work and designed to strike a balance between power and simplicity.”

Office, which is used by more than a billion people each month, has a set of “Three CS” – customer, context and control – guidelines that, Microsoft says, will make this update different from any previous user. Experience updates.

Microsoft says the company is using a “customer-driven innovation process” to co-create the design of office apps. The process consists of three stages: initial customer research and analysis; Concept and co-creation; And validity and refinement.

The second C is the “context” where Microsoft wants the new design of Office 365 to understand the context in which its customers are working so that the platform can suggest the most relevant commands based on tasks that make it easier to connect and collaborate with others.

As far as “control” is concerned, the updates give users control, allowing them to turn significant changes on and off.

“These updates are exclusive to and Office 365 দা always up-to-date versions of our apps and services. But these will not happen all at once. Instead, over the next few months we will periodically set up new designs for customer selection and carefully test and learn. Jared Spataro, corporate vice president of Office and Windows Marketing, said:

Initially, the set of updates will provide changes in three important areas. The new version of the Ribbon is designed to allow users to concentrate on their work and interact with others naturally. People who prefer to dedicate more screen space to commands will still be able to extend the tape to the classic three-line view.

The web version of Word will be the first app to receive this update, and it will gradually roll out to selected customer users at Select Insiders then get Simplified Ribbon in Outlook for Windows in July.

Microsoft has introduced new colors and new icons that have been created as scalable graphics across all apps. With this change, the icons appear crisp and with a clear symmetry on screens of any size. These changes are designed to modernize the user experience and make it more inclusive and accessible.

The new colors and icons will first appear in the web version of Word for Later this month, Select Insiders will see them for Windows in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, they will go to Outlook for Windows in July and they will start rolling out Outlook for Mac in August.

Search will now become a very important element of the user experience as it will provide access to commands, content and people. With “Zero Query Search”, placing your cursor in the search box will come up with recommendations powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Microsoft Graph.

The update has already been launched for commercial users on, SharePoint Online and Outlook mobile apps, and will begin rolling out to commercial users of Outlook on the web in August.

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