Microsoft Windows 10 October update is being rolled out to advanced users only

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

Microsoft has finally started rolling out Windows 10 October update for advanced users, but you should probably wait a while before jumping on it.


  • Windows 10 October Update is used to accidentally delete user files
  • Windows 10 October 2018 version 1809 Rolling out for advanced users
  • Other users should wait for automatic updates to be installed

Microsoft’s October update for Windows 10 was expected to be a major update for the operating system, but the rollout was disastrous to say the least. After accidentally deleting users’ files and then inadvertently disabling licensed copies of Windows, Microsoft apparently got it together. Windows 10 October 2018 Update Version 1809 has finally started to roll out again, however, many of you still don’t get it.

The rollout was closed due to initial bugs and they have been sorted out, there are still some obstacles along the way. Microsoft recently made the update available to those wishing to test it manually, but the update was throttle. Users still need to manually check for updates, but once found, there will be no throttling. Only those who have not been blacklisted by Microsoft will see the update for the time being due to compatibility issues.

Microsoft says this upgrade route should wait for advanced users and most others to ideally auto-deploy. Some corporate users will encounter incompatibility issues due to issues related to Microsoft corporate VPN and security software.

Microsoft’s October update has been plagued by endless problems that have slowed down Microsoft’s rollout. Microsoft’s previous feature update (version 1803) was one of the fastest deployments, reaching full availability in less than 3 months. We’ve already moved on to the end of December, and the October update is just beginning to roll out to advanced users. Given the hiccups that this update has caused, there is no denying that Microsoft is going to take extreme caution in its rollout.

If you feel adventurous, you can get updates just by running Windows Update and checking for updates manually. You don’t have to be a part of Microsoft’s Fast Ring users to get it. When the update is available, it will automatically start downloading and show up as “Windows 10, version 1809 feature update”. Before installing the update, make sure you have created a system recovery point. If this doesn’t work for you, chances are that Microsoft has blacklisted your system for compatibility issues. Don’t worry though the update will eventually appear, once Microsoft thinks it’s safe for a wide rollout.

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