Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Insider Build lets users link to their Android

April 4, 2022 0 Comments

The Microsoft Windows 10 Link feature first appeared in Build 2017 in May and is now being rolled out as part of Insider Build 16251. The new link feature will allow users to share a link directly from their mobile device to a Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft is launching a new Windows 10 Insider build that brings the option to connect Android and iOS devices with Windows 10. In Build 2017, Microsoft detailed its plans to link Android and iPhones to Windows 10, and now it is allowing insiders to test the feature.

As part of this effort, Microsoft has announced the introduction of cross-device web browsing. The new link feature build 16251 will allow users to share a link directly from their mobile device to a Windows 10 PC. Apple has also tried a similar feature called Handoff, but Microsoft plans to add more useful features, including the ability to share content across cross-platform devices. The feature is currently only supported on Android devices but will soon be launched for the iPhone as well.

The feature can be enabled by downloading Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16251 and linking your phone to Settings> Phone. Once the device is linked, testers will be directed to download an experimental application for Android called “Microsoft Apps” which completes the process of interlinking mobile and Windows 10 PCs. Once linked, Android users can send any weblink to a Windows 10 PC by clicking Share and then tapping the “Continue to PC” option.

Once this option is selected, Windows Insiders will need to authenticate themselves by signing in with their Microsoft account. Once authentication is done, insiders can either continue testing the feature or continue later. Microsoft says that web browsing is one of the first cross-device features and it is also working on the ability to copy and paste between devices with the help of universal clipboard and Swiftkey keyboard.

Microsoft has also improved its digital assistant Cortana with a new preview build. With Build 16251, Windows users can view Cortana results in Digital Assistant and it works across movies, celebrities, stock prices, weather and flight status. Earlier, Cortana launched the browser to display the results. Microsoft has already enabled Cortana to communicate with users through the Windows 10 update process and now users can use Cortana to lock, sign-out, shutdown or shut down their PC.

The new build brings improvements to the Edge browser and enables game mode by default in the game bar for some games. It brings improvements to the command line, improved boot up experience, and input options.

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