MIUI 11 will bring dark mode to POCO F1

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

POCO F1 is getting a system-wide dark mode. Meanwhile, Xiaomi is getting feedback from users who are already enjoying Dark Mode on their Xiaomi and Redmi devices.

Xiaomi’s MIUI has received mixed reviews from technology reviewers and its customers around the world. It offers a lot of functionality but not as clean as stock Android. It has unexpected ads that annoy users. But there is some positive news from the home of the most affordable Snapdragon 845 device, the POCO F1. MIUI is getting a system-wide dark mode.

System-wide dark mode has been implemented by companies like Samsung, which has brought it with its One UI. Pixel has brought it with Android Q. So, Xiaomi is looking forward to bringing the feature to POCO F1, one of its most popular devices in MIUI 11. Some Xiaomi devices already come with this feature, such as the Xiaomi Mi 8, Redmi Note 5 Pro and Redmi Note 7 Pro, which got a system-wide dark mode with the MIUI 10 beta update.

Xiaomi is looking for user feedback from those who are already in Dark Mode. It looks like Xiaomi wants to make some significant changes before launching Dark Mode for public use. This means you will probably get a refined software experience with MIUI 11 The update will be made public via a Twitter thread from Alvin Tuss, the head of Poką§‹phone. Once Dark Mode is stable, it will be ported to MIUI 11.

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