New CovidLock ransomware poses as coronavirus tracking app to infect Android

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

New Covidlock ransomware poses as coronavirus tracking app to infect Android smartphones: report

It seems that your phone may also be at risk of contracting the virus due to coronavirus. Amid ongoing fears about the COVID-19 coronavirus, some unscrupulous individuals have decided to make hay. Security researchers at DomainTools have spotted a ransomware called CovidLock that reveals a coronavirus tracking app. Since Google is already in the process of removing shift apps from the Play Store, the CovidLock app is accessible through third party websites. Once installed, it asks the user to allow accessibility and lock the screen.

Like any other ransomware, the app will lock the unfortunate user from their smartphone by adding a password to the device. Criminals will then demand payment of $ 100 for sending to Bitcoin within 48 hours to regain access. In addition, they warn users that if they do not pay, personal information such as contacts, photos and other content will be deleted and social media account details will be leaked.

DomainTools notes that any device, including Android Nougat, should be able to protect itself from the app. However, for this to work, users need to set a password on their device. The firm claims to have reverse-engineered the decryption keys for ransomware and will post them publicly.

Like any other app, users should stick to the Play Store to make sure they don’t download any malware. Furthermore, there are already many ways in which one can monitor the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. Microsoft recently unveiled a way to track the spread of the virus through Bing. People are urged to stay at home as much as possible and practice social distance to control its spread. Other precautionary measures include proper hygiene practices such as hand washing. If you want to know how to sanitize your phone, click here. Gamers can also contribute to coronavirus research. You can learn more about that here.

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