Nice microphone and impressive build

Unlike most gaming headsets these days that are designed for more flamboyance than function, the Logitech G Pro excludes theatrical features like RGB / LED lights and over-the-top design and build. These are an uninterrupted pair of headphones that look normal, but have a lot going on under the hood. However, do these translate well when gaming or listening to music? Let’s see if Logitech G Pro owns ‘Pro’ Monica.

In the box

  • Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset
  • Isolated microphone
  • 2-meter wire with inline controller
  • Y-splitter cable
  • USB external sound card
  • User documents

Construction and design

As we mentioned above, Logitech G Pro removes things like RGB and aggressive design and focuses on looking more premium and sophisticated. More ‘Pro’, if you will. The headband is made of a leatherette material and the aluminum straps hold the earpacks in place. The ‘Pro’ is indented at the top of the headband and has a simple thread-stitched look on the side. The memory foam on the headband feels plush and comfortable, however, after about 6-7 hours of continuous use, the top of the head feels a little hotspot.

The build, while premium, may seem a bit heavy at 320g. However, Logitech has done a good job of losing this weight evenly, and it doesn’t feel so heavy when you wear headphones.

The earcups are all black and silver, and the Logitech G logo is smacked right in the middle. The radial design here is eye-catching and all the materials go well together to create an overall, premium look. The earpacks have soft faux leather, while the inside has plush memory foam which is extremely comfortable. The padding is very thick and even after playing for hours the ears do not get hot or feel uncomfortable.

The detachable microphone fits the left earcup and is extremely flexible in its position. The 2m long cable connector comes with an inline controller featuring a volume wheel and a toggle mute button.

The clamping force is quite stiff and for large heads, it can be a bit uncomfortable after a few hours of use. However, the reviewer, whose head is small in size, did not find the clamping force suffocating or too tight. Overall, the headphones are very comfortable and surpass the more expensive ones like the HyperX Cloud Alpha in this segment.


In addition to the simple-mute buttons, volume control and cross-platform compatibility, the headphones don’t have many features that are noticeable on the surface, the Logitech G Pro has many features accessible through Logitech’s GHub software. . Unfortunately, they do not have the Blue Voice technology as the G Pro X model, but there are some more features that offer a host of customizations for gamers.

GHub software lets gamers find and use profiles of several pro players as their own while gaming. That option is also available if they want to customize these to a more complex level. All of these profiles, customized or otherwise, can be stored on the external USB sound card provided in the box. This allows users to access their ‘perfect’ sound profile, regardless of which PC game they are using.

The software has many more features such as a high-pass filter that removes low-frequency sounds and a D-Acer that takes care of hissing and other high-frequency sounds that annoy gamers. Extremely fun to randomize granular levels of customization, even extremely useful for pro-gamers.

In the software, gamers have the option to save their customized sound profiles and make them publicly available for use by others or for other PCs that simply access your account. The G Hub software includes a volume on the Acoustic tab and a slider for the microphone. Here, you can turn on or off the DTS Headphones: X 2.0 spatial surround sound of your choice.


The sound quality of Logitech G Pro (2019) is quite efficient. Featuring the PRO-G 50mm driver, this gaming headset works quite well across a wide range of games. The overall sound profile is clear and precise, however, the bass response is relatively exaggerated.

We played FPS games like Far Cry 3 and saw that the environmental sounds were nicely rendered but the sound of shots and the sound of enemy footsteps started punching. On the other hand, the soundstage was extensive which gave the users a more immersive experience overall. Footprints and gun shots are spatially conscious, which makes gaming with them a great experience. The imaging is also stellar and a breeze to tell where the footsteps are coming from.

The microphone is Starler, despite not having Blue Voice. It nicely filters out background sounds around you and captures the user’s voice and relays accurately. The earphones perform exceptionally well with low-end voice that competes with other microphones in gaming headsets. You can easily take Logitech G Pro and use it effectively to stream with it. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

However, one of the drawbacks we have with the microphone is that at high volume, the sound bleeds quite a bit from the ear cups. This, in turn, is picked up by the microphone and your peers will probably be able to hear the melody you are playing or the content you are watching. Another problem we encountered was that the passive isolation was moderate despite the hard clamping force. While gaming in our noisy test labs, the rest of the reviewing editorial team can clearly hear while disrupting overall immersion.

Except for the gaming performance, the music reproduction quality is a bit low. The canyon has been muted and the heights may be slightly shorter on tracks like the popular Monster that fall in reverse. We recommend that you tune the EQ to the G Hub software of your choice We’ve increased bass reproduction a bit and FPS games are starting to sound more dynamic than the original setting.

The last row

The Logitech G Pro (2019), priced at Rs 9,995, is a solid gaming headset that gives gamers access to a lot of customization to create the sound quality of the headset to their liking. Additionally, the build quality is great, as the G Pro lets go towards theatrics and focuses only on quality. They are strong, feel good on the hands and have adequate cushioning on the headband and ear cups. Their microphones are great, but if you want to take it to the next level, we recommend getting the G Pro X, which comes with Blue Voice technology to enhance the microphone’s performance. Overall, the Logitech G Pro is a tougher upgrade than the previous G Pro headset model and serves as a capable gaming headset for pro-gamers and casual gamers alike.

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