Nokia smartphones get Android 10 updated roadmap

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

HMD Global will start pushing Android 10 for Nokia smartphones later this year.

As Google announces the official name for its next Android release, Nokia Parent HMD Global has released an updated roadmap for it. Juho Cervicas, HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer, last evening released the Android 10 update timeline for Nokia smartphones in a tweet. As per its appearance, the update will start at the end of the year and will continue till the second quarter of 2020.

When Google officially launches Android 10 later this year, it will be available on the first few Android One smartphones, the Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 7.1. That will be in the middle of the fourth quarter of this year. Soon, at the end of the year and early next month, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6.1 Plus, and Nokia 6.1 will get Android 10.

In the first half of the first quarter of 2020, Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.2, Nokia 3.1 Plus, and Nokia 2.2 will taste Android 10. In the second half of the same quarter, Nokia 8 will see Sirocco, Nokia 5.1 Plus, and Nokia 1 Android 10. It is only in the second quarter of 2020 that Nokia 5.1, Nokia 3.1, Nokia 2.1, and Nokia 1 will be able to run Android 10 releases. It may be late but it is definitely better than never, we guess.

Google announced yesterday that the Android Q, which is currently in beta testing, has been renamed Android 10. With this release, Google is abolishing the practice of naming desserts and desserts in its releases to portray Android as a global product. The first smartphone to run Android 10 will be Google’s own Pixel 4, which is expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

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