One of the best sounding TWS earphones under 5K

Lypertek has recently gained notoriety by launching the excellent Lypertek Tevi (review) which is proud of its excellent sound quality and battery life below 10K. The product is highly acclaimed and our favorite pick for a pair of true wireless earphones below Rs 10,000. It even won Best Buy Mention at our annual Digit Zero 1 Awards for 2020. Based on its success, Lypertek has released a more affordable version of Tevi called Lypertek Levi. It comes with a shorter battery life than its predecessor, clocking 48 hours of total battery life, which is still great and incredibly, it even comes with some improvements like ambient sound mode and wireless charging which gives it great value below 5K. Match with his more expensive siblings? Find out.

Construction and comfort

The Lypertek Levi is an in-ear TWS earphone with a rounded shape that sits comfortably in your ear. Lypertek includes 3 pairs of silicone tips of different sizes as well as three pairs of double-flanged silicone tips, which is quite nifty. It is safe to say that most users will find a silicone tip that helps fit and overall comfort.

On the back of each bud is the Lipertech logo and an LED that indicates the condition of the bud’s battery. At the top of each bud is a physical button with a CD-like pattern that makes them visually distinct. The buttons are easy to press, however, in our opinion located in a somewhat inconvenient position. It will be more convenient and easier to detect if the earbuds are placed at the bottom, however, over time you will become accustomed to this slightly unconventional position. The buds are rated IPX5 to prevent splash, which means you can wear them without worrying about sweating in the gym or running.

Moving on to the charging case, Lypertek has surprisingly included Qi wireless charging for the case at this competitive price point, which is excellent! For conventional wired charging, there is a USB-C port at the bottom of the case. There are four LEDs in front of the case to indicate the battery condition of the case.

Now, the case is quite compact and lightweight, made entirely of plastic. However, the finish and appearance are not particularly impressive. In addition, the plastic case does not seem to be very strong and the lid seems to be fairly weak on its ridge, so you may want to be careful when opening the case. The earbuds slot magnetically into the charging case, but it does not fit satisfactorily. Overall, the plastic, rickettsial build of the case was a bit off for us, but at this price point, one can look at it.

Especially since Lipertech Levi is exceptionally comfortable and fits snugly in most ears. Pressing the button does not cause ear discomfort due to the control position, which is good for everyday use. You’ll find a tight seal with the eartips provided in the box, so that you don’t miss too much active noise cancellation. Passive isolation, due to excellent fit, is pretty great.


Now, the Lypertek Tevi did not have the specially featured TWS earphones, their monstrous battery life totaling about 70 hours. Although the battery life in the Levi has been reduced, the company has added some features to these earphones that were not present in the TVs. These include wireless charging, which we mentioned earlier, and ambient sound mode.

Ambient Sound Mode lets you hear what is happening around you and be more aware of it in places like train stations, roads and others. Ambient sound mode works quite well. The microphone amplifies your surroundings quite well without making too much artificial noise.

Earphones, unfortunately, have no companion app so everything needs to be controlled from earbuds or connected devices. The physical buttons on each earbud allow users to pause or play music / media, skip tracks or go back to previous tracks, activate ambient mode, adjust volume, activate voice assistant, and answer or reject phone calls. The controls are quite intuitive and work well, however, as many TWS earphones now allow, we would prefer the option to customize the controls.

According to the codec, Levi supports SBC and AAC audio codecs, which is quite decent. It doesn’t support aptX like Tevi, which is a bit disappointing. The earbuds can be used independently of each other, however, there is no multipoint connection (which allows you to connect two devices simultaneously). Overall, below 5K, the Lypertek Tevi is a featured pair of TWS earphones that are worth the money. But, do they sound good …?


As expected, Lypertek Levi comes up with impressive sound quality for the price asked. You get clear, rounded and balanced sound that works well with a variety of music. While the sound quality isn’t as impressive as Tevi’s, especially when it comes to altitude, which plays out in a little less detail, the overall sound is admirable and it’s really one of the best sound pairing of wireless earphones below 5K.

The shaft response is prickly yet controlled, with the alloy sporty slightly higher in the 125-250Hz frequency response graph in the high-altitude region. This makes the base-heavy tracks sound strong and lively, with a good amount of detail, even if the overall sound isn’t too muddy. The mids have very little auditory masking as the base is strong but does not overwhelm the mids very aggressively. Tracks such as Ginger One Bites the Dust by Queen feature Mercury’s vocals and instruments, keeping the sound clear and detailed, as well as tight and punchy bass beats.

Our reference compares with IEM (Orange) Frequency Response Graph of Lippertech Levy (blue).

Mid-range shows excellent control with good tonality and texture. The vocals sound great and are pronounced across a wide range of styles, even on tracks that have lots of instruments. The detail is not so precise, especially in the upper-middle, like the Tevi, but it is impressive in this price range.

The altitude is not as bright as the TV, the Frequency Response Graph shows a nice sized drop with the 4KHz-8KHz range. This leads to some detailed loss in altitude and the overall sound is not as open as it could be, unless the altitude in that area is lowered. Still, the heights aren’t terrible, and the lack of brightness actually helps you listen to music for longer periods of time without feeling tired.

In the end, the separation of instruments in this price range is exceptional, however, the soundstage may be better. Overall, the sound quality is excellent at the price, however, if you can increase your budget by about 2-3K, then Lypertek Tevi is the overall good-sounding pair of earphones. Also, if you make a lot of calls using your wireless earphones, there are definitely better options as Levi’s call quality is quite poor.

Battery life

Lipertech Tevi, Levi’s predecessor, packs an amazing battery life of 70 hours! While the Levy doesn’t match that ridiculous number, it does offer a solid 48-hour battery life (according to the company), which includes 8 hours from the earbud and 40 hours from the charging case (5 extra charges). While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, it is certainly one of the best TWS earphones in terms of battery life, as the ideal is about 24-30 hours of total battery life across a budget.

In our daily experiments, we found that earbuds lasted 9 hours on a single charge, compared to the company’s rating of 8 hours! We can charge the earphones exactly 5 times. Even with aggressive use lasting more than 10 days, we can only once completely drain the case battery, which is seriously impressive. In addition, earbuds also have a fast charge, where 15 minutes of charging will give you 2 hours of play time. This is useful when you want to charge your earbuds with a pinch for your few hours of listening.


Priced at Rs 4,999, Lypertek Levi offers exceptional value for money with excellent battery life, premium features such as ambient mode and Qi wireless charging, clear and balanced sound, and a solid fit. The Lypertek Tevi, which costs a few thousand bucks, sounds even better, especially when it comes to height details, however, below 5K, it is probably one of the best sounding pair of true wireless earbuds. If sound quality is your only concern and you don’t mind raising your budget around 2K, then you should consider Tevi instead. However, if you want to stay below 5K and also want the added benefits of features like ambient sound and wireless charging, then Lypertek Levi is a great option.

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