Onida is a clone of the 43-inch FHD TV Fire TV version

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For those who want to get an entry-level TV, the 20 to 25K price point is an attractive one. Users can expect a 43-inch FHD TV at this price. You can expect a smart TV. We’ve seen TVs like OnePlus 43Y1, Mi TV 4A Pro, Hisense 43-inch TV, Onida 43-inch TV and many more. But at this price point in 2020 and 2021, one of the most exciting things about TV is the Smart TV UI. Xiaomi, for example, gives you the best of Android TV UI and its own PatchWall UI. OnePlus tries to improve Android OS with OxygenPlay. HiSense only goes on pure Android TV, and the Onida TV was the first we saw that came with the Fire TV UI. Today we have our second TV to play the Fire TV UI, the Akai 43-inch Fire TV version TV. Does this TV deserve your attention?

AKAI 43-Inch FHD Fire TV Version: Key Specifications at a Glance

Panel size: 43-inch (also available in 32-inch)
Panel type: IPS
Panel resolution: 1920 x 1080 Full HD
Panel refresh rate: 60Hz
HDR 10 support: no
Dolby Vision Support: No.
HDMI port: 3
USB port: 1
Bluetooth: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Ethernet: Yes
Speaker: 2 x 10W
Built-in storage: 8GB (4.05 GB available to users)
OS: Fire TV
Price: Rs 24,999

Akia TV has 3 HDMI ports and 1 USB port.

AKAI 43-Inch FHD Fire TV Version: Construction and Design

When it comes to design, considering it a budget TV, we don’t expect too much from it. It has a design that we’ve seen countless times before and is consistent with other TVs in terms of price. We have two plastic foot TVs that hold on tightly. We have a relatively thin bezel around our TV. The TV is by no means slim and has all the connectivity options on one side. There is enough space under the TV to hold a set-top-box, but a soundbar can interfere with your viewing experience depending on the height of the soundbar.

The Akai 43-inch FHD Fire TV version has a plastic shell.

The Akai TV has two plastic table top feet.

The remote control connects to the TV via Bluetooth so you don’t have to point it directly to the TV which is a welcome advantage. To put things in perspective, Xiaomi’s TV offers the same comfort.

Overall, the TV build is plastic and the design is simple, which we are accustomed to at this price point.

AKAI 43-Inch FHD Fire TV Version: Ports and Connections

In terms of connectivity, the Akai Fire TV Edition has 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, AV in, LAN port and good old antenna all on the right. The TV supports dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

All connectivity options aside.

AKAI 43-Inch FHD Fire TV Version: Remote Control

The remote control that comes with the Akai Fire TV Smart TV is an evolutionary version of the remote control found on the Fire TV Stick. In addition to standard navigation and playback controls, you also get access to live TV, volume control, channel control mute, settings and a button for the latest. ‘Recent’ is an interesting button and shows apps you’ve recently used It reminds me of the “previous channels” feature of the previous day when a user could use content between two predefined channels seamlessly.

You have OTT Hotkey on the remote control for Prime Video, Netflix and Amazon Music. There’s also a dedicated button to bring up the “Your Apps and Games” screen.

The Akai TV comes with a remote control like the Fire TV Stick.

Overall, the remote is functional, well built and gets the job done. You don’t have to point it directly at the TV, which is nice, and it has Alexa buttons like the Fire TV Stick, which lets you control the TV with your voice. It is made just like what you get with a short remote control and Fire TV stick (review).

AKAI 43-Inch FHD Fire TV Version: Display Panel and Photo Quality

The display panel of the Akai TV Fire version has a 1080p resolution. The TV does not support HDR and it works well for it because most budget HDR TVs do not offer a great HDR experience. Let’s take a closer look at the performance of TV pictures.

1080p content

The TV’s maximum resolution is 1080p, so the suite of 4K content from our streaming service was limited to 1080p streaming on the SDR, which is not bad. Some content like modified carbon or even our planet seemed bright and quite enjoyable on TV. The performance is similar to what we saw on Onida Fire TV (review).

Akai TV can play content on 1080p SDR.

One good thing about TV is that you get a lot of photo modes to choose from These include Standard, Echo, Movie, Dynamic, Natural, Game, PC and Custom. To use content like movies and TV shows, you can switch between Standard, Movie and Dynamic and stick to the one that makes the content look normal. In a film like Mission Impossible, the standard preset works best because it makes the skin tone look more normal while turning the Spider-Man suit red and blue in Dynamic Spider-Man Homecoming. Even modified carbon-like shows with neon-light environments were quite enjoyable on TV. We noticed that the blacks look a bit gray and at this price point, it is acceptable because the TV does not have dimming zones and it is not too confusing if there is adequate bias lighting in the room.


It’s not clear how much game mode input lag affects the TV, but in our experience, the lag wasn’t so bad that you can’t enjoy games on this TV. All games from games like Assassins Creed to Forza and even Gears 5 have been played on 1080p XDR on the Xbox One X TV, and we’ve had a lot of fun playing games on this TV. A game like Color Pop, and Gears 5 (review) looks tempting. If you have a base PS4 or Xbox One that targets 1080p gaming, you should enjoy those consoles on this TV.

The Akai 43-inch FHD TV has a game mode.

Overall, considering its photo performance and price, the TV does a good job. TV viewing angles are not the best and to get a good viewing experience, you have to sit almost directly in front of the screen. Those who want to change the settings themselves can access the controls like backlighting, contrast, brightness, color, tint and much more and tune the TV to their liking. In our experience, presets available for daily viewing work well. TV is not without its flaws though.

AKAI 43-Inch FHD Fire TV Version: Audio

As much as we appreciate the performance of the TV picture, the audio wants us to do more. Looks like we’re reviewing Onida TV again, just with different branding.

Akai TV has insufficient audio.

Overall, the TV lacks audio performance. You get access to presets like Standard, Music, Movie, Clear Voice and more but they don’t do justice to the content available. Documentary was the only genre of enjoyable content from TV speakers because the words in their background speak less and more people speak. From the action sequences of Mission Impossible to some Mandalarian shocking sequences or even the title sequence of the show all left me wanting more. My best audio experience with the game was when I connected my headphones to the TV via Bluetooth. Needless to say, if you plan to get this TV, save a pair of speakers or a soundbar to go with it. You can see the best soundbars around 5000 here.

AKAI 43-inch FHD Fire TV Version: Built-in service and UI

The TV runs on the Fire TV OS, and is almost identical to the Fire TV Stick. You have access to added image settings and input sources, but if you’re used to using the Fire TV Stick, you should feel at home with the UI.

Alexa works very smoothly on the Akai 43-inch FHD Fire TV version.

Although the UI is smooth and functional, my only problem with it is the Apple TV app. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t log in to the app. This is a minor issue, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t use the service. The UI has just receded, I think a Fire TV was attached to the Stick TV. Alexa also works like a charm. Starting with things like “Play Stranger Things on Netflix”, “Play Mandalorian on Hotstar”, it easily obeys my commands.

Amazon has recently launched a new UI that is currently only available on third generation Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite. Brings new UI profile. If the new UI enters the Akai TV, the TV could offer some serious competition to Xiaomi’s patchwall. At the time of writing this review, the UI is similar to what we saw on Onida Fire TV. Content is distributed in Home (content and a curation of frequently used apps), Live (for apps that support your Live TV or Live TV), Movies, TV shows, apps and settings. Fluid navigating UI. We’ve often seen Android TVs lag behind, especially on budget TVs, but in this case, the lag was minimal, almost negligible.

The Akai TV has 8GB of built-in storage, of which 4.05GB is usable for users.

The last row

If you are in the market to get a 43-inch FHD TV for around Rs 25000 then there are many options You have the choice of Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition, The OnePlus Y1, Toshiba 43L5050 and many more. If you are considering Akai, you should know that it has a decent panel performance for the price to enjoy movies, TV shows or gaming. The UI is fluid, and thanks to voice assistant Alexa. The Fire TV UI works just like the Fire TV Stick, which is a great thing for TVs. What TV lacks is good sound output. Built-in speakers have poor performance and you may want to consider alternatives such as soundbars or speakers for viewing content on TV.

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