Opera Mini 8 for iOS gets a flat design and new data saving features

April 5, 2022 0 Comments

Opera Software has released a new update for its Opera Mini browser for iOS devices that brings a refined UI with a range of new features. The Opera Mini app (version 8.0.0) can be downloaded through the App Store and is for devices running iOS 7.0 or higher.

The new update comes with a flat new design that is compatible with iOS 7 style. It adds new features like a built-in QR code reader for scanning and sharing QR codes from the browser. Opera Mini 8.0.0 for iOS also has a ‘Speed ​​Dial’ page that can be customized according to the user. Likes.

A new ‘Discover’ feature gives users access to top stories from a list of sites. Users can select an option and swipe left and right to access more articles. Unfortunately, the website cannot be accessed manually, so users end up using a predefined list of Opera feeds.

Opera has also introduced three new compression modes for data storage called Opera Mini, Opera Turbo and Off. The company says:

“Opera Mini mode offers huge compression of web traffic, up to 90%, and data savings. In case of poor coverage and difficult network conditions, Opera Mini saves both time and money. Opera Turbo mode saves slightly less data than Opera Mini mode, but provides better website compatibility, making it the ideal browsing mode for most users. Data Saving Off is a no-compression, straight-to-the-source option that ensures maximum website compatibility. “

Other features include a new tab gallery that provides a quick overview and easy tab management as well as stacking tabs for a combined search and address bar. Slider makes it easy to edit address and search terms and makes it easy to switch between search sources.

Source: Operasoftware

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