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The Samsung Galaxy Watch has become a premium option for Android users, though the Galaxy Watch does not use Android. The new Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is a product that has been refined over the years, and now brings a much smoother experience, not just for Samsung smartphone users, but for Android users in general. We’ve been testing the Galaxy Watch3 for some time, and here’s our takeaway.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Specifications and Features

When it comes to features, Samsung really throws even the kitchen sink into the watch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 continues to offer Samsung’s unique rotating bezel as a means of navigating the user interface. In addition to all-day normal heart rate tracking and on-board GPS, Watch3 also offers the ability to track your VO2 max. Its AMOLED display with 360×360 resolution is bright enough for outdoor use during the day. In terms of tracking, you obviously get common things like heart rate and sleep tracking, but you also get 40 types of workouts, seven of which automatically detect the clock. Once you have the watch paired with your smartphone, you can take calls or respond to messages using the watch. This is true for both Bluetooth and 4G versions, the latter providing a truly seamless experience.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Heart Rate Tracking

The Galaxy Watch 3 offers all-day tracking and data collected by the watch Garmin Instinct, comparing the data collected by our reference device, we see some very interesting results. The two watches are mostly spot-on with their HR readings throughout the day, with differences in sleep time.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 features all-day HR tracking and stress tracking

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Activity Tracking

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3’s activity tracking skills test includes a few bike rides and long walks. Sadly none of the long walks were on the beach. Again, Garmin’s speed and cadence sensors were used to collect reference data linked to the Garmin Instinct with which the performance of the Galaxy Watch 3 was compared. The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 was surprisingly accurate during several 10km bike rides. The distance recorded by Watch 3 was only a few meters away, which is negligible enough not to be considered at all. In terms of heart-rate tracking accuracy, things weren’t so good. On three separate occasions during the ride, Watch3 could not log heart-rate data. This affects the average and maximum heart rate readout. Each bike ride was missing a few minutes of heart rate data for each ride, which may be due to the position of the clock while riding. This is not a problem if you only ride casually, but if you want to ride long distances and use Watch 3 for training purposes, you may find the lack of continuous HR tracking problematic.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is really good for tracking your workouts, whether indoors or outdoors

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Slip Tracking

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3, with its leather strap, is not ideal for bed wear. The strap is much stiffer and has not softened even after 10 days of continuous use. It was really uncomfortable sleeping with it, but we do it to get the right information to you. Sleep tracking is quite good on the Galaxy Watch 3, and it is also able to detect sleep from the right sleep. Watch3 not only records sleep, but can also identify the stage of sleep you are in. Having sleep stage data is essential for evaluating and formulating a healthy lifestyle. For example, you may have 8 hours of sleep, but if you do not spend enough time in deep sleep (REM sleep), you will wake up feeling tired. Data, not a diagnosis of any condition, can be very helpful in diagnosing an actual disease.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is great for tracking your sleep, but the leather strap makes it very uncomfortable

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Smart Features

A smartwatch is a core part of the Samsung Galaxy Watch3, so it’s important to discuss what it can and can’t do. Our watch is a Bluetooth version so as long as it is connected to a phone, you can make calls on the watch. This is especially helpful when holding your hand. The volume of the speaker is not loud enough to be used at high volume, but it gets the job done when you are in a relatively small space at home or at work. The watch’s microphone is also quite sensitive and you don’t need to place the watch next to your face to be audible to the person on the other side. You can also respond to messages with both text and WhatsApp for large predefined text messages. Given that the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 runs on Tizen, the watch lacks some support for third-party apps. This is something you need to be at peace with. All health information collected by the watch is available at Samsung Health, and is presented in a rather neat and clean manner.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 comes with the ability to track 40 types of workouts

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Wtch3 comes with a 340mAh battery, 2 days on a single charge is claimed. In our use, the watch has been able to reach the approximately 48-hour mark, but has less than 5 percent left. Honestly, once you cross the 15 percent battery mark, you’re flirting with the very strong possibility of a dead watch in the next few hours. Consider a top-up near the 36-hour mark if you plan on going out late at night.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Roy

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 retains its premium standing in the smartwatch segment. Getting back the rotating bezels on the watch is really nice, as it is one of the most fancy, yet functional features of the smartwatch. The watch’s fitness tracking features work wonders, and with the ability to record your VO2 Max, you can track your progress over time. The leather strap is tight and uncomfortable to wear to sleep. Switching the strap for something softer will make the watch more bearable during sleep. The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is priced as a premium smartwatch, and as such, it meets those expectations. It’s a great looking watch that becomes an extension of your smartphone, and also tracks fitness metrics well. On the downside, Samsung continues to use Tizen, which means very few third-party apps.

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