Prizma is an app that converts your regular images into paintings

April 5, 2022 0 Comments

Every now and then, we come across apps that redefine how we post photos on social media. The advent of Instagram has brought us a world of filters that add a sense of sophistication to our selfies. Since then, multiple apps like VSCO have come up with filters that add vitality or sometimes monochromatic touch to our photographs. Prizma, here, is a refreshing photo of the photos we took and posted on social media. Twist is the introduction of filters that transform photographs into oil painting canvas, with brush strokes similar to those of famous artists.

Recently released, Prizma is slowly gaining popularity due to its different take on photo filters. The brush stroke style includes a touch of Impressionist art, dark tones, deep shades and a mixture of oil paints and pastels. There are filters that are similar to Van Gogh’s post-Impressionist paintings, some based on Picasso’s Cubist art and some based on Rembrandt’s Dutch Golden Age realistic paintings. Combining all of these presents a particularly captivating set of filters to the viewer, adding a completely different perspective to the photographs.

There are over 30 filters for you to choose from This allows you to set the intensity of each filter, allowing you to choose exactly what you want to be like a Renaissance masterpiece. While most filters so far have focused on color and setting changes that are similar to Wong Kar Wai’s mystique or Andrei Tarkovsky’s depressing depiction, Prizma has added a touch of brush stroke to the canvas, transforming captured moments into motion into still frames. They themselves deserve praise.

The concept is not entirely new, but what applies here is the richness of the application effect. The use of warm tones, deep blues, dark shades and pastel light blends well with the background canvas effect that Prism gives to the photograph. Some influences give a throwback to the rise of psychedelic music in the late 1950s and early 1960s, with bright, neon colors and asymmetrical brush strokes.

Should you download Prism? Of course, and the effects themselves are worth trying. It’s not just another collection of post-photography filters, it adds a difference to your photographs. As well as Instagram, Prism can be the perfect companion if you want to see what your frames will look like in the hands of legendary painters.

Nonetheless, the effects of the prism are bold enough to raise a poetic discourse within the earthy frame of the deep night rain. The app is now only available for iOS, although more filters and an Android version should be on the route.

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