Protect your smartphone with Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

There was a time when viruses could only infect your desktop. After all, they are the only devices that can be connected to the Internet. Now though, things are very different – we all carry smartphones that, physically, look very different from the desktop but internally, they are almost identical. A smartphone comes with a processor, can store things, has a display and runs on an operating system.

One of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world is Google’s Android OS. Used by most of the smartphone makers in the world and used by millions of people, it has become a huge target for attackers and other unscrupulous people and it is not difficult to see why. We nowadays do almost everything from our smartphones to social media to banking. So, attackers have found clever ways to hack smartphones and recover all your data.

Kaspersky is well aware of these dangers and has developed a software suite specially designed to protect Android devices. Known as Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, the suite can be purchased from Here. Let’s take a look at the features of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android.

Safely and unharmed

With the rise of mobile malware, Kaspersky is trying to stay one step ahead. The software automatically scans apps and files for any malicious code or content. It is powerful enough to block suspicious websites as well as dangerous links hidden inside the text such as phishing links. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android gives you an option to manually scan your device, if you feel that something doesn’t seem right.

Maintain privacy

Your smartphone is a highly personal device. For example, the last thing you want is your eyes trying to read your text, call logs or even your photos. With Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, users will have the option to set a passcode for sensitive apps. So, if you set it in your photo gallery, it will not be accessible without password. As a result, only you (and those you trust) will be able to access those apps Kaspersky Internet Security for Android can hide incoming calls, texts and call logs from the eyes.

Lightweight, but strong

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android may offer many features, but it is still quite light in terms of performance. The phone requires a minimum screen resolution of 320 x 480 pixels from your device, and at least a fair amount of specifications like Android Jellybean v4.1 or higher. This ensures that almost anyone who uses an Android device can be protected from online threats.

Easy to use

Kaspersky understands that any part of the software needs to be easy to understand in order to be useful. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is designed to be simple and easy to use so that more people can use its features and keep themselves safe. In addition, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android also offers support for Android Wire.

As you can see, Kaspersky has multiple base covers in terms of protection for Android devices. With so many features, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is a must consider for anyone looking for a way to stay safe on mobile. Software suites can be purchased Here. In addition, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android users get a lot of options. Not only can they choose to secure multiple devices, but they can also get a free version of the suite. While the free version of the suite may not offer all the features, it does offer enough to keep you safe and secure.

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