Quick charging for some 2016 Google Pixel phones has been lost since Android 9 Pie

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

Some Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners are reporting that their phones are no longer “charging fast” after updating to Android 9 Pie.

Android 9 Pie was officially made available for Google’s Pixel series smartphones just a week ago and now, multiple users who have loaded the final build of Android P into their 2016 Pixel, Pixel XL smartphones are reporting issues with fast charging. These issues are not new and those who were on Android P Beta reported a fast charging bug while the OS was still testing. However, even after the final Android Pie build update, those who have a 2016 Pixel XL phone are reporting that their phone has lost fast charging and is not working the way it should. The problem is also present in smaller 2016 Pixel phones, but Pixel XL owners seem to be getting the worst of it.

Pixel series smartphones use USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) for fast charging. With the Android Pie update, the majority of 2016 Pixel XL users and some Pixel users are reporting that they are unable to quickly charge their phones using the company’s original charger or even a third-party USB-PD charger. Some phones display “slow charging”, others display “fast charging” when they are not actually doing so. A Pixel 2 device was also reported to be charging slowly while off.

So far, Google has not acknowledged the problem and it is not clear if Android Pike has been blamed. Hopefully, the company will roll out a software update on Android 9 to fix this dental problem.

Android Pie, or Android 9 Pie, or simply Android 9, is Google’s latest operating system that brings a bunch of visible changes, new features, and even a new way of navigation. Currently, only Pixel phones and Essential phones are getting the Android Pie 9.0 update. Apparently, some Nokia 7 Plus users in India have reported receiving the final Android Pie update. Sony and HTC have released a list of their Android 9 update power devices.

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