Recent Windows updates are causing a big headache for some users

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

New Windows 10 update, KB4549951, causing crashes, BSOD and even complete system failures for some people

Another Microsoft Windows update went bad and caused system crashes, a blue screen of death and even data loss for several users. Among the questions is the update KB4549951 for Windows 10, which Microsoft rolled out on April 14, which caused problems for some users.

According to Microsoft’s Changelog, the KB4549951 update can bring updated security when using Microsoft Office and performing basic Windows tasks. In addition, the update brings some updates to the way Windows updates and saves files. In the Known Issues section, Microsoft does not list any issues with the update. The problem is exacerbated when users report that the error code reported by BSOD is a simple stop code without a clear pattern. So far, the following stop codes have been reported:

  • Page fault in NONPAGED area
  • Unavailable boot device
  • Memory management
  • Portcls.sys

Also, several users have reported that after installing the update, their files have been lost. Some users have reported that their documents and photos have disappeared, while others have reported that their browser bookmarks have disappeared. The worst reports are users who say their systems have gone into a BSOD loop, causing the entire system to fail. Sadly, this isn’t the first Windows 10 update to crash users’ computers.

While the above accounts of multiple users may be true, the author of this story did not encounter any of the problems highlighted above. If you find that your system has been adversely affected by the KB4549951 update, you could potentially restore it from the Windows Recovery menu. You will need Windows installation media and once you boot up using it, the option to back up a bad update roll should be available to you under the Troubleshooting menu. Note that this method is known to fail in some cases, and does not have a 100 percent reliability rate.

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