Released for Android 10 Google Pixel Phones, Dark Themes, New Gestures and Additions

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

The Android 10 update is now being rolled out to all Google Pixel phones. The new Android version has a big improvement in the system UI to enhance the overall user experience.

As expected, Google has finally released the Android 10 update. It is now launching over-the-air (OTA) for all Pixel phones, including the original Pixel. For the latest Android version, Google has decided to break the 10-year history and send it without the name of the dessert. The company says it is doing this to make it clearer and more relevant to users worldwide. Android 10 adds multiple changes to the system UI to enhance the end-user experience. Some major changes include:

Android 10 Dark Theme

Android 10 update has added dark theme to Android. It basically reduces eye strain and also helps save battery. In addition to changing the system UI, Dark Mode is also available for helpful apps. Moreover, eight different accent colors are available in the developing options, namely, blue (default), black, green, purple, cinnamon, ocean, space and orchid.

Developers can opt for a new Force Dark feature if they don’t want to create their own dark theme but want to create a darker version of the app.

Users can enable Dark Themes in two different ways: Activate Dark Themes from Settings> Display and toggle on Battery Saver.

On new gestures

With Android 10, the back button is a thing of the past Google has introduced new gestures in the system UI, and defended the decision that “gestures can be a faster, more natural and ergonomic way to navigate your phone.”

However, the tech giant has given the option to toggle between gesture navigation, 2-button navigation and 3-button navigation, so that users can still go back to the original navigation mode. Users can enable new gestures from Settings> System> Gestures.

Privacy control

Google is focusing on prioritizing user privacy with Android 10. This is expanding users’ transparency and control over their data and app capabilities. We discovered that users can toggle voice and audio activity to prevent Google from recording their voice and audio in Google services. You can toggle it off in Settings> Privacy> Activity Control. Android 10 privacy controls include location history and ad settings, among other options.

Other enhanced privacy and security features include scoped storage, which allows apps to access only specific files instead of accessing all files. Moreover, with Android 10, you’ll be able to restrict access to your location while using the app.

Android 10 adds update bubbles, advanced notifications and sharing shortcuts and much more. We have a detailed article on all the major new features of Android 10, which you can read here.

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