Resideo Portable Room Air Purifier (Resi-1618) Review: Beautiful Look, Excellent

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Residio Resi 1618 was launched towards the end of 2019 but it boasts impressive features in the fight against increasing air pollution. This year, pollution levels have reached record highs again and we have tested a number of devices and many have failed to perform as we expected. However, could Resideo 1618 by Resideo leave a lasting impression? Find out in our detailed review.


Resideo Resi 1618 is equipped with a single H-12 grade filter which is actually a combination of two different types of filters. This is similar to the combination of filters we saw in the Dyson Pure Cool and BlueAir Classic 280i. After testing multiple air purifiers, we found that assembling the filters worked well and was even more convenient because the hassle of filter replacement was also reduced. Above and below the filter are rubber gaskets, which enable a good seal, which prevents unfiltered air from entering. Below is a small latch, where the filter fits and when the latch is turned, the filter increases by a few centimeters. For a tough seal.

Resideo Resi 1618 Air Purifier has three filters that are integrated into one

The outer layer of the circular HEPA filter traps large particles such as dust and hair while the HEPA filter removes PM2.5 and PM10 particles from the air. The carbon filter sits on the back of the HEPA filter, which we think should ideally be different because carbon filters typically have a longer lifespan than HEPA filters. Installing a carbon filter earlier can help increase the longevity of HEPA filters. Replacement filters for Resi 1618 cost around Rs 3,500 and depending on the level of pollution in your area, it can take you up to six months or more.

At Resi 1618 a small latch at the bottom twists to the left to secure the filter


We tested Resideo Resi 1618 in two different rooms, with different levels of air quality and representing real-world test conditions. In the first area, contaminant levels were extremely high with PM2.5 554, PM10 672 and overall AQI 634. Within 45 minutes we were running the air filter at full speed, PM2.5 levels dropped to 26, PM10 to 49 and overall AQI improved significantly and stood at 43. Removing such a high level of pollutants from the air is a difficult task but Resi 1618 has mastered it.

In the second chamber, the level of pollution is usually lower but this makes it more difficult for the purifier to improve air quality at significant intervals. Before we started our test, PM2.5 and PM10 measured 133 and 142, respectively, while the overall AQI was 310. After 45 minutes, PM2.5 stood at 21, PM 10 at 34 and AQI at 35. Even in this case, the air purifier works consistently and exhibits commendable performance.

If we compare the performance of Resideo Resi 1618 with other air purifiers, it really comes close to Samsung AX5000 (Review) and Blueair Classic 280i. During one of our tests, the Samsung AX5000 dropped the PM2.5 level from 304 to 25 and the PM10 level dropped from 370 to 27. Before the BlueAir Classic 280i (review), PM2.5 and PM10 readings were 193 and 199, respectively, while AQI was up to 254. After the air purifier had been running for 45 minutes, the AQI was lowered to 42 and the PM2.5 and PM10 levels dropped to 12 and 14, respectively.

Particulate readings and AQI graphs for the Samsung AX5000

Particulate readings and AQI graphs for the Blueair Classic 280i

Kitter’s Sense

To confirm how well the Resideo Resi 1618 is performing, we used the Kaiterra Sensedge Air Quality Monitor. The monitor is able to detect PM2.5 particles inside with overall AQI, temperature and humidity. The device has been tested and certified by the RESET standard for accuracy and is fully compliant with the WELL v2 building standard for performance. Using Sensedge, we measured the indoor air quality matrix before starting our experiment. It gives us an excellent insight into how well an air purifier performs by changing the level of air quality per minute.

Construction and design

Resideo Resi 1618 Air Purifier demonstrates good build quality thanks to the use of strong ABS plastic in its construction. The long cylindrical shape blends easily with a modern home decor but due to a display on the front, it can still easily capture the eyeballs. The only problem with its long form factor is that the air purifier has a high probability of overturning accidentally. The bottom, front and rear have ventilation vents and the side has two grooves which are really helpful when moving the device.

The front display is quite useful and can display PM2.5 and PM10 levels in real-time with a clean air delivery rate (CADR) depending on the speed level of the device. The air outlet vents are at the top and at a slight angle so that clean air is pushed away from Resi 1618 and does not create an air bubble, which can happen with most box type or cylindrical air purifiers.

Control and display

Residio Resi 1618 sports touch-based controls above, in the central area of ​​the air vent. There are a total of six buttons, including one in the center, to turn the device on or off. Starting from the left side, there is an option to set the speed of the fan, then child lock, there is an option to turn on / off, then there is an option to turn the ioniser on or off. There is also an option to set a timer so that the air purifier shuts off after one, two, four or eight hours.

The large display on the front explains the data from the sensor embedded in the device and shows the current indoor air quality readings. The large display and large flashing numbers are great for providing information about current air quality, which is displayed on PM2.5 and PM10. A dedicated button is provided and tapping it will cycle the values ​​displayed at PM2.5, PM10 and current fan speeds to CADR rate. A ring of bright light around the display acts as an indicator, as it changes color depending on how good or bad the air quality is. This simple combination helps to understand the quality of indoor air at a glance.

The last row

Resideo Resi 1618 is one of the most efficient air purifiers launched this year and it won our Zero 1 Award in the Best-Performing Air Purifier category this year. The device is equipped with a single filter, which is a combination of three different types of filters, which are also easy to replace. In terms of performance, the Resi 1618 is capable of beating some high-priced competitors and it comes with a remote control, which makes for somewhat missing IoT functionality. If you need the best performance, Residio Resi 1618 is one of the best choices. You can also go for the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3 if you are looking for an air purifier on a tight budget, or at the other end you can also find the Sharp FP J60M Air Purifier.

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