Reviewing the Top Features of iOS 12: Here’s what the software update adds

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

iOS 12 is now available to all Apple users. Here are the top features of the new OS and the strategies to make the best use of them

For those who have been eagerly awaiting the new software on their iPhone and iPad, as well as those who have been testing the new OS from Apple for months, the iOS 12 Final Build is now available and is being rolled out to all compatible iOS devices. Devices that are on top of the iPhone 5s and iPad mini 2 are eligible for the iOS 12 update, and here’s a detailed guide on how users can install the new software.

iOS 12 brings many new features to your device, including a performance boost. Both iPhone and iPad users will be able to experience faster app launches and more responsive typing. The camera app will now open 70 percent faster, with the keyboard responding 50 percent faster than before. The new digital wellbeing features will help users take a break from their virtual existence and stay more connected to the real world, where shared AR experiences will allow for multiplayer augmented reality gaming. There’s plenty of room to cover, so without further ado, here are the top features of iOS 12 that you can check out after you update your devices.

Siri shortcut

While Google’s assistant and Amazon’s Alexa has surpassed the power of the Siri and reached dramatic over the years, it’s nice to see Siri become smoother with iOS 12. A new feature called ‘Siri Shortcuts’ will allow developers to create Siri-enabled action for their apps. . Users can customize these shortcuts by creating a simple voice command to get started.

Shortcut app

With iOS 12, users can download new shortcut apps to create multiple actions from a variety of apps that can be done with a simple tap or a customized voice command. The app also has a bunch of pre-made shortcuts. For example, users can create a shortcut to play specific music from Apple Music with a single voice command, or map their way home without opening Apple Maps (not available in India). Developers can enable these actions in their apps with the new Shortcut API. Think about the routine features of Alexa or Google Assistant and you will understand where Apple is going with the shortcut app.

Memojis with effects

Memozis lets users create their own animated avatars, complete with the ability to customize everything from haircuts to eye color, accessories and more. With the iOS 12 update, iPhone X and above users will be able to create memos directly from the messaging app and add their stickers and effects before sharing them with friends. Memos can also be used in regular or group facetime calls. The existing set of animoji includes new ghosts, koalas, tigers and t. Rex has also expanded with Animoji. Also, both memoji and animoji now feature tongue and eyelid detection.

Group FaceTime Call

As expected, the Group FaceTime feature is not yet available in iOS 12 and will be rolled out at a later date. Even when it was rolled out, the interface that Apple showed at WWDC seemed chaotic. For starters, Apple users will be able to club up to 32 users in a group FaceTime call. The main participants of the call will get their own window at the top half of the screen, while all the other participants will be shown on a scroll at the bottom of the screen. One feature that caught our eye is that when a participant says something, it animates their window to become more prominent, indicating that the person is speaking. What happens if 3-4 people talk at the same time? Will the participant’s window continue to pop in and out? If yes, I never get group facetime calls. Participants can be added at any time, join later if the conversation is active and choose to join using video or audio from iPhone, iPad or Mac, or even participate using FaceTime audio from Apple Watch.

Measure the AR app

With the final build of iOS 12, Apple’s dedicated AR-powered major app is finally working seamlessly. The Major app can be downloaded from the App Store and is probably the most useful feature of iOS 12. The app accurately measures three-dimensional objects and space using ARKit 2. Users will be able to identify objects and places with their cameras and tap and drag a measurement scale along the edge of the object or space to get real-time measurements. The measurement will automatically detect the size of a photo in a certain frame such as a photo frame.

Augmented Reality Experience is shared with ARKit 2

Imagine being in the same augmented reality space as your friend or seeing the same AR objects with the ability for your friends to communicate with them together. With ARKit 2, Apple has made it possible. With ARKit 2 in iOS 12, developers will not only be able to create shared AR gaming experiences, but also productive applications that enable multiple users to interact with the same enhanced environment. So far, no shared AR apps are available in the App Store, but we believe developers will soon release compatible games and productivity apps.

Digital health

Apple’s new digital healthcare tools are quite effective if you need to disconnect from the virtual world and need some help to do so. Here’s a quick guide to how you can make the most of Apple’s screen time features and how well they work for us. Screen time is a valuable tool to limit the use of your smartphone, not so much to track it. Users will always find more tools to disconnect from flashing notifications, brighter screens and addictive social media apps. The DND will dim the display at bedtime and hide the notification barrage until morning. Users will be able to better manage notifications directly from the lock screen. Users can customize notifications by bypassing the lock screen so that they can be delivered silently or they can be turned off completely. Notifications will also be grouped according to the app and will not crowd the screen as before.

Like Android P’s new dashboard, Screen Time will give users a detailed overview of their app usage on a daily and weekly basis. This will lock the apps once you reach your usage deadline, discouraging them from reopening. The purpose is to help users switch off more often and understand how much time they spend on their phones. Using Family Sharing on iCloud, Screen Time will give parents access to their child’s activity reports on their own iOS device. Parents can also control the timing of their child’s device.

Password sharing between iOS and Mac devices

A great new feature that comes with iOS 12 lets users take passwords from their iOS devices and into their macOS devices and vice versa. The feature will work the same way that Wi-Fi password sharing now works in iOS 11.

USDZ support – new AR file format

With iOS 12, Apple has introduced a new Universal Scene Description (USDZ) file format for augmented reality applications. USDZ is a new AR file format created by Apple and animation studio Pixar aimed at making the AR experience anywhere on iOS easier, including Messages, Safari, Mail, Files and News, and more. USDZ will allow users to share AR objects with each other as well as place them in the real world. Apple calls the latter a ‘quick look’, which is designed to better position the AR object around the user.

Adobe, Autodesk, Sketchfab and many more companies will support the new AR file format, and Adobe’s EVP and CTO Abhay Parasnis says native support for native USDZ is coming to Adobe Creative Cloud.


With iOS 12, Photos gets a new ‘for you’ tab that combines memory and iCloud shared albums. Apple has also introduced a new sharing suggestion feature that automatically asks users to share photos of a specific event if a friend shares it with them. The goal is to make it easier to share photos from the same trip or event with friends. Searching for photos becomes easier with search suggestions and the ability to combine multiple search terms to find relevant photos.

Voice memo on iPad

With iOS 12, the voice memo comes to the iPad. The popular iPhone audio recording app will now be available on iCloud Storge iPad, so you can access your voice memos from anywhere.

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