Symantec has introduced new encryption software for website security

April 5, 2022 0 Comments

The new Encryption Everywhere software targets website owners and hosting providers

Symantec Crop., Better known as Norton Antivirus, has launched a new encryption software for website security. This new software can integrate encryption into a website from the moment it is created. According to the company’s threat report, 78% of websites have vulnerabilities. Also, the number of cyber attacks is increasing. The company says its new encryption software will help reduce various cyber threats. This is the goal of the website owner and hosting provider and the company’s goal is to secure 100% legitimate websites by 2018.

Read the full press release below

Symantec Corp., the world leader in cybersecurity, today announced the availability of ubiquitous encryption, a website security package available through web hosting providers. Encryption everywhere allows web hosting providers to integrate encryption into each website from the moment it is created. With the new web security services, hosting providers can offer a variety of flexible options, including basic website encryption as part of any hosted service and a number of premium security packages, including increasingly robust website legitimacy, security and trust seals. Encryption has been created everywhere to support Symantec’s goal of securing 100% legitimate websites by 2018.

“Today there are almost one billion websites, yet only 3% of those sites are encrypted, which means that cybercriminals have been able to make a better living from the lack of web security,” said Roxen Devl, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Website Security, Symantec. “Symantec is changing the game for cyber security with encryption everywhere. It’s time to secure every legitimate website and return security to the Internet for every business and consumer. That’s why Symantec makes it easy to secure any website from the moment it is registered or renewed. Starts with free, basic encryption to complete. “

According to Norton Cybersecurity Insights, more than half of Indian consumers (54%) believe they are more likely to have their credit card details stolen from their wallet online when they make a purchase, and about half (48%) of Indian respondents report that they have been the victim of a cyber attack.

Symantec’s Internet Security Threat report further states that 78% of websites have vulnerabilities and more than one million web attacks per day were blocked in 2015, 117% more than in 2014. In addition, Google and other browsers have announced that they will lower unencrypted websites in search rankings. The result is that websites that want to be sustainable must use at least basic encryption by 2018. Encryption everywhere encrypts 100% of customer data shared on a business website, trusting businesses of valuable brands of any size and giving consumers confidence that the information they share will reach secure and targeted recipients.

Encryption everywhere makes it easy to secure any website from the time of registration or renewal. Many web hosting providers will integrate basic encryption with each website. For more customized options, users can simply click on the preferred Symantec security products offered by their web hosting provider. Web hosting providers can now offer their customers a complete security solution from one of the most trusted and recognized brands of cyber security. Encryption everywhere is the first security solution that gives web hosting providers an upsell opportunity to bring new revenue streams without any burden on their infrastructure, sales process or administrative team.

Encryption is immediately available everywhere. For more information, visit:

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