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Despite Google’s best efforts, Android-based tablets have always found it difficult to prove themselves competitors for Apple’s iPad line-up. However, year after year of trial and error seems to be finally paying off, with Samsung’s latest Tab S8 series promising a lot of excitement. We recently came to review the Galaxy Tab S8 +, and to be honest this new tablet fascinated us from the moment we unboxed the device and started using it.

It’s a smooth piece of metal and glass, which hides some really strong hardware beneath the surface. But for all tablets, the focal point here is the large, bold display that supports Samsung’s most advanced S Pen. So let’s start this review by giving you a better understanding of the panel and its effectiveness in real life.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 + Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 + Review: Design and Display

The Galaxy Tab S8 + has a 12.4-inch panel and is made of AMOLED. It runs at a specific resolution of 1752×2800 pixels and is capable of touching a fast 120Hz refresh rate. The tablet uses a familiar 16:10 ratio to display content natively and can also hit high peak brightness levels.

In fact, it is one of the brightest panels available on a mobile device right now, which can give many phones with a small display a run for their money, including their performance. It offers a punchy color and deep black with overall performance like any other panel found in a flagship Samsung phone or tablet.

Offering a pixel density of 266ppi, the display on the Galaxy Tab S8 + ensures that text, videos and photos look crisp and clear. The panel also has an in-display scanner for added security. In our time with the device we have found this scanner to be quite accurate, the scanner is also very responsive to touch.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 + Review

However, there is a certain amount of bezel around the display, which is a welcome step because it makes it easier to use the device, reducing the chances of accidental touch. Also, the front of the device has a selfie camera that is located in the center when using the Tab S8 + in landscape mode.

The device’s panel rests nicely on a brushed aluminum slab that melts on the display to create a unibody design. With no curves on the back, Samsung focuses on keeping things simple by keeping the look very short. In fact, the language of the design has been kept so clear that only a small part of the back has been used for Samsung and AKG branding. Yes, the back has an antenna line and a strip for charging the S-Pen. However, they only add to the look of the tablet.

Also, the smooth frame of the tablet has a power button and volume rocker to the right of the device, four AKG-tuned loudspeakers, also found on the upper and lower ends of the body of the Tab S8 +. Overall, all of these components come together to make it look and feel like a truly premium device the moment you touch it, and the experience is enhanced when you power up the AMOLED display that brings the great tablet experience to life.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 + Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 +: Performance and battery

Like its predecessors, the Samsung Tab S8 + is powered by the most advanced hardware available for Android-based devices. As such, we get Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC under the hood with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

The hardware ensures that whatever you run on the tablet is handled without too much pressure. Everyday apps, including Instagram, Twitter and Internet browsers, work as expected. In our time with the device, we didn’t notice any gaps or stuttering when using the device in normal tablet mode – however, DeX was a completely different matter. This is because the DX mode on Galaxy Tabs is still riddled with bugs. The size ratio of app resizing and crashing issues, Samsung has a lot to fix before DX-based tablets take over Windows machines.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 + Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 + Review

But as we said, outside of the DeX environment, the Tab S8 + didn’t give us anything to complain about, the new tablet works well in games like Call of Duty Mobile and Asphalt 9 Legends. However, on the benchmark, the performance was everywhere, the results were surprisingly inconsistent. The results were inconsistent with what we achieved on other Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset-based devices, which led us to believe that the problem was more with the chipset than with the individual devices. That being said, when we blame inconsistent performance on chipset doors, we do so with the understanding that it could be a problem caused by an inconsistent Android code – something that could be fixed in the future with a software update – the actual chipset Instead of design flaws.

Coming on battery, Galaxy Tab S8 + does not disappoint. In real-world use, we’ve found the tablet easy to use for more than a day, even if you watch lots of movies and stream shows on it. Gaming drastically reduces battery life. But for most users, the average run-time on a single charge for the Tab S8 + should be at least one day. And when the tablet runs out of charge, it supports Samsung’s latest super-fast charging that promises to charge at 45W. However, the required chargers are not included in the box. But fortunately, the tablet is not using a proprietary standard for charging, so any charger with PD support can juice the tablet at its high speed.

Galaxy Tab S8 + Review: S Pen and more

No review of a Galaxy tablet can ever be completed without talking about the S Pen. And so it is with this review. In keeping with tradition, the Galaxy Tab S8 + brings with it the latest S Pen from Samsung, which now offers significantly lower input latency – down from 9ms to just 2.8ms. This time the input lag is so low that the interaction between the S Pen and the tablet screen now seems more intuitive than before.

While S Pen may not be a useful tool for all users, it will definitely work if you want to draw or take notes on your tablet. And with the advancement of processing technology, it can now also be used to translate text. These are, of course, a few uses for the Galaxy Tab S8 + AS Pen. When you are not using the S Pen, it can be magnetically attached to a designated strip on the back of the device. Interestingly, it also acts as a charging dock for the stylus. And if you’re looking for more reasons to fall in love with the new S Pen, let us know that it comes with Air Action support and if you own one, it’s compatible with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

To make the Galaxy Tab S8 + a more, more productivity-friendly tool, Samsung has also introduced a separate optional keyboard cover accessory that we’re happy to report better than ever. It has a built-in kickstand, which now holds the tablet much better than the previous kickstand. As we mentioned above, this keyboard cover accessory is being sold separately, which is really embarrassing, because we believe it should have been included for free with the Tab S8 +.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 + Review

Galaxy Tab S8 + Review: Should You Buy It?

The Galaxy Tab S8 + is an attractive device. In my opinion, this is definitely the best Android tablet for most users. So if you are looking for a new tablet based on Android to complement the ecosystem of your Android and even Windows device, then Galaxy Tab S8 + is the device for you.

But before you actually decide to buy, the only question you have to answer is if it is better than its older brother, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. As things stand, the Galaxy Tab S8 + comes at a more affordable point than its older siblings, but still manages to offer similar packages in terms of hardware and feature sets.

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Yes, it has a slightly smaller display than the Tab S8 Ultra, but the Tab S8 + has a huge 12.4-inch display, so there’s little reason for most users to think they’ll miss out on the extra real estate. Also, you’ll find something you love about the new Samsung Galaxy tablets in the Tab S8 +, which makes it a very simple recommendation for me.

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