The first big Windows 10 update rolls out for users

April 6, 2022 0 Comments

Microsoft’s first major update for Windows 10 patches bugs and speeds you up.

One week after Windows 10 was released to the public, Microsoft has just released its first major update to the OS. The company calls it a “growing” update for Windows 10. Although the update only fixes system bugs, Microsoft did not make any significant additions to it and the company did not elaborate on exactly what the update did. The update states that it works with non-security related changes and enhances the performance of Windows 10 through new features and enhancements.

Although basically, the update seems to be adding bug fixes to the system, which means that if you miss past patches for Windows, the update will speed you up. Like the Windows 10 update, you may or may not get the update right now.

After months of hype and anticipation, on July 29, Microsoft released Windows 10 to the public. The newer version of Windows brings back the Start menu and survives the hype created so far. That said, being the ‘latest version of Windows’, Microsoft has a long way to go. The OS marks the journey of Windows as a service, which means it will evolve over time.

The new version of Windows is being rolled out to users in phases, and Microsoft has announced that it has more than 14 million PCs running Windows 10 in 24 hours. Windows 10 will be free for the first year, which means if you have Windows 7 or higher, you will need to upgrade now and get Windows 10 for free. However, keep in mind that your subscription to Windows 10 will expire on July 29 next year, when you have to pay to use the operating system.

This applies to all Windows 10 users, including those who have updated from the OEM version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.

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