The new Remix OS promises to run Android on any PC

April 5, 2022 0 Comments

Remix OS will be available for free and will give users the ability to run Android on any PC. Read on to learn more about Remix OS and its features.

Imagine if you could run Android on an existing PC. Imagine bringing the mobility and functionality of your smartphone to your PC. Now, imagine if you have the familiar interface of Windows or Mac PC with the functionality of an Android smartphone. With all this and much more, Zid Technology, a company founded by three former Googlers, is ready to release a special new operating system for PC called Remix OS. As the name suggests, it looks like a final remix of different operating systems under one roof. Remix OS will work on an array of Intel-based PCs, even some Macs. Remix will give OS users access to Android’s 1.6 million powerful app library. It will also give users the option to boot with Remix OS or the original OS installed locally on the user’s machine. Remix OS can also be placed on a USB pen drive, which can be plugged in and installed on any PC powered by the x86 chipset. The x86 is a family of backward compliant instruction set architectures based on the Intel 8086 CPU and its Intel 8088 variants. Architecture has been applied to the processors of Intel, Syrix, AMD, VIA and many other companies. So, according to Zid Technology, most computers today run on x86 chipsets, which will make the installation of the operating system extremely easy.

Called ‘Android Re-engineered for PC’, Remix OS for PC is a custom engineered version of Android Lollipop and Remix OS 2.0. The minimum requirements for running Remix OS include a USB 3.0 flash drive that supports the FAT32 format, with a minimum capacity of 8GB and a PC with a recommended write speed of 20MB / s and a USB legacy boot option.

Regarding some of the features of Remix OS 2.0, the UI will include a taskbar for Android to help users switch between apps with the touch of an icon or the click of a mouse. The taskbar will come with a start menu (similar to the Windows 10 Start menu) and a system tray for accessing system settings. Notifications will come from the right side of your desktop. For those devices with a touchscreen, a swipe will bring up a notification menu, while an icon in the system tray will allow access to the notification with the click of a mouse.

Remix OS is compatible with various keyboard shortcuts. So, shortcuts like CTRL + N will help CTRL + S to create a new document, save it, navigate different apps on a PC. Users will also be able to right-click on a mouse, which will bring additional features to a particular app. On the software front, Remix OS will have a file manager, Office for Android and Google Play support. According to Gide, Remix OS 2.0 is built on three core design principles তা simplicity, insight, and vitality. The company says, “Motivational energy inspirations like wind, water and light are intricately woven into every pixel of Remix OS 2.0 to enrich your experience with it.”

We will definitely check when Remix OS launches. The Remix OS will be available for free download from January 12, and all future updates to the OS will be available for free. Tell us what you think about Remix OS and stay tuned for more

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