The new WhatsApp beta update brings group voice and video calls for everyone

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

In addition to group voice and video calls, WhatsApp will also roll out stickers and feedback features to jazz up the messaging experience.

Last year, the 2.17.70 beta update group unveiled a very secret reference to calls that allow users to add participants to a video or voice call on WhatsApp. At the time, it was confirmed that only the group video feature would be launched, but the next beta update for Android (2.18.189) now proves that Facebook’s proprietary instant messaging platform will soon launch both group video and voice. Chat feature to the general public.

WaBetaInfo, a popular website that tests new WhatsApp features before bringing them to the public, Says That WhatsApp update will be rolled out to Android, iOS as well as Windows Phone users worldwide!

At this year’s F8 conference, the Facebook platform confirmed group video calling for WhatsApp. Although not much detail was shared about the feature’s work, from the demo at the event, it was clear that at least four people could join the video call. When making a video or voice call, users only need to touch the “+” icon above and add a participant. Similarly, more people can be added.

In addition to group voice and video calls, WaBetaInfo said, “WhatsApp will also introduce the sticker feature, which is not yet available. WhatsApp has started working on the sticker album feature in the 2.18.120 update (and in response to version 2.18.189), but WhatsApp is keeping it disabled due to developments and will enable it in later releases.

With the sticker feature, WhatsApp users will get another icon added to the emoji and GIF options to select the sticker. If the sticker view is selected, there will be a new profit icon in the sticker bar. When you touch the profit icon, it expands to show the user all the feedback buttons available. Each response button refers to a different category. For example, if you select the “sorry” sticker pack and touch the love icon, it will expand and show the number of sticker packs installed on your phone. Selecting the icon for each pack will show the number of stickers available in that pack.


Who is a WhatsApp beta tester and how to become one?

The beta tester is the volunteer who in this case gets initial access to the features that a company, WhatsApp, wants to introduce to its customers. Beta testers examine features, submit a response, and based on those responses, the company modifies the feature (or sometimes scrapes the feature itself). If you want to be a beta tester of whatsApp for Android, you can do so by visiting the Google Play Store. Open WhatsApp, search “Become a Beta Tester” at the bottom of the page, click “Yes I am” and you are a Beta Tester! WhatsApp takes some time to register a beta tester, so you should wait for approval. If you wish to opt out at any time, you may cancel the registration by leaving the program.

According to the company, WhatsApp now has more than 450 million daily users who send 65 billion messages daily and more than 2 billion minutes of video and audio calls per day through the app. In India, there are 200 million monthly active users. WhatsApp is available worldwide in over 50 different languages ​​and 10 Indian languages.

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