The new Windows 10 update has resulted in a BSOD, broken video driver for many users

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

Windows 10 updates cause problems for users, crashing features, and causing BSoD errors. Microsoft has said it will issue an update to resolve the issue

Another Windows 10 update, another problem. Since updating the feature in the middle of last year, Microsoft’s Windows Update program has been plagued by many problems. Patch saw on Tuesday that Microsoft had released an update that caused problems for multiple users. Note that these issues are not universal and do not affect all copies of Microsoft Windows 10 users.

The patch (Windows 10 KB4517389 version 1903), released on Tuesday, is apparently breaking the Start menu and Microsoft Edge for some users. Another problem reported by users is Display Flickr due to display driver issues.

Probably the most frustrating death blue screen of all crop problems greeting their PC boot up users. BSOD is caused by a problem with cldflt.sys, a file that is apparently associated with the cloud service. This means that if your PC has an active OneDrive connection or Google Drive or even iCloud, chances are you’ll be greeted by BSOD.

Finally, the update released on October 15 is causing unexpected behavior in the process of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. Microsoft acknowledges that after the October 15 update, Defender ATP may stop working and may fail to send reporting data. Fortunately, this bug affects enterprises and businesses that are limited to the Enterprise version of Windows 10 and rely solely on Windows Defender ATP. Microsoft also said that a solution to this particular problem would probably be released in mid-November.

Solutions to numerous other pop-up issues will be pushed through another update scheduled for Tuesday. For those who have not yet updated their machine, we strongly recommend that you wait until it is established that the next update fixes the problem without actually creating new ones.

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