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The audio market is currently flooded with a host of mid-range true wireless earphone options from companies since their infancy to establish a name in the industry. There are some attractive offers in the real wireless segment in the price segment below 10K with a host of a few available features pushing quite a bit for your money. However, when it comes to true wireless audio below 10K, the Starler sound quality is something we don’t really expect. Even Sony, the company has made one of the best true wireless earphones, the Sony WF-1000XM3, with its medium-sounding Sony WF-XB700 at a sub-10K price point, isn’t really that bright in this particular price range. However, in a sea of ​​audio mediums within this price range, Lypertek Tevi is being touted as an offer that offers stellar, audiofile-grade sound quality as well as a decent set of features. The brand itself is not very famous, at least in India, but Lypertek Tevi is making quite a splash in audiophile circles because its price is competitive and it sounds great. Let’s see if this pair of real mid-range wireless earphones survive the hype.

Construction and comfort

Lipertech Tevi

The first thing that catches your eye after opening the Lypertek Tevi’s box is the gorgeous, fabric-covered charging case, reminiscent of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2’s charging case. The dark gray case is a simple but elegant, delicate LiperTech logo painted in black on the top right of the lid. There’s also a small cord hanging off the case that lets you secure it around your finger or even a keychain, if you wish. The case looks great on hand and its distinctive fabric texture lets you easily find it inside a bag.

Lipertech Tevi

The front of the case has four indicator lights that show the battery level of the case and a USB Type-C port on the back. The magnets inside the lid and case (which hold the earbuds in place) are strong enough. The size of the case is definitely noticeable on the larger side and in the pockets, especially in tight-fitting jeans. The sheer size of the case makes it very easy to get out of the pocket, so we recommend that you store it in a backpack or handbag instead. Charging cases, however, have a very good reason for being overweight. More on that later.

Lipertech Tevi

Heading towards the earbuds, they show a nondescript and minimalist look with a shiny silver ring on the back housing of the buds, adding a bit of character. Inside the ring, you’ll see the Lypertek logo on both buds, and this area has physical controls for music playback and calls. We are not disappointed with the lack of touch controls because the physical controls of these earphones are easy to press and accurate. Accuracy is almost always a bit of a hit or miss in touch control, so we don’t mind the physical controls that work well on real wireless earphones like these earphones and the Jabra Elite Active 75t.

Lipertech Tevi

Physical controls allow you to play / pause music, skip tracks, move to previous tracks, increase / decrease volume, and wake up your device’s voice assistant. The controls are quite accurate and easy to remember, however, the controls can be a bit tedious to find the tracks (next and previous tracks) because it involves triple-tap.

Lipertech Tevi

Inside the box, LiperTech includes four pairs of ear tips – three pairs of conventional silicone tips and one pair of foam tips. We naturally gravitate towards foams and they fit like our gloves. Passive isolation was excellent due to snags and secure fit. However, if the foams do not fit you very well, you may want to try other tips. The box contains a nice standard USB-C cable

Lipertech Tevi

The foam ear tips gave the ear a subtle fit that was extremely comfortable even during extended periods of listening. Earbuds were also rarely redistributed during moderately intense activities such as working or jogging around the house. The earphones are equipped with an IPX7 rating for water resistance which means you can use them in the gym without breaking a sweat… even if you don’t sweat. See what we have?


Powered by Bluetooth 5.0, the Lypertek Tevi boasts quite solid wireless connectivity and a frequency response of 20 – 20,000Hz. There was no lag or skip in the audio during our week-long test, and the connection was stable even though the source device was in the next room. Impressive! In addition, you get not only SBC and AAC codec support but also Qualcomm aptX support, which is relatively rare at this price point. We’ve noticed a significant increase in detail when listening to music on streaming services on aptX above AAC. There is also support for mono listening, where you can hear a single earbud independent of the other.

Lipertech Tevi Review

Of course, you won’t find features like ANC, transparency mode, wear detection, and wireless charging in these mid-range earphones. However, with increasing competition in this space, brands like Oppo and Realme have started offering these seemingly premium features in their sub 5K offerings. We would love to see at least wear detection on these earphones, if not the others. In addition, there is no app support. You’ll find basic features like voice assistant support, Type-C charging and an IP rating.

However, the Lypertek Tevi makes up for the lack of features in one place – battery life. These earphones have an amazing battery life of 70 hours (charging case + earphones)! You get 10 hours of play time on a single charge, while the case is capable of charging the device 6 times. This is by far the highest combined battery life we’ve ever had in the real wireless segment. In our experiments, we were able to actively extract the aptX codec at 50-60 percent volume and only 8.5 hours out of the bud. The case was actually able to charge the buds 6 times and there was still some battery left before it died completely.


We’ve never paired the Mid-Range True Wireless segment with Starler Sound Quality. The 6mm graphene driver’s housing, the Lippertech Tevi was a real shock to us, it’s a welcome one. We were amazed at the openness and naturalness of the sound, which is not present in the array of other earphones we have tested in this price range. The sound is close to neutral and well-balanced, allowing users to listen to most genres of music the way the producer wanted them to. Even hardcore audiophiles will probably be fascinated by the sophisticated method adopted by Lipertech Tevi.

No frequency range is exaggerated to a great degree, therefore, bass lovers may have to move away from this pair of earphones. There are definitely punches in the alloy and detail, however, the booming base response that other mid-range real wireless earphones offer is clearly missing. Although we were impressed by the accurate presentation of the frequencies, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Contemporary tracks such as TKN By Rosalia There is enough drive and punch, although it still maintains the clarity and integrity of the voice. Drum erosion in such tracks Popular monster By Reverse ejaculation As well as precise and natural.

Lipertech Tevi

Such as listening to more subtle tracks Youth By DaughterThe opening guitar chords there are distinct and open. The soundstage has an undeniable depth with the vocals placed in the front while the excess of instruments comfortably occupies their right place on the stage. Fine voices never lose their subtle texture and tonality, even in quiet moments as well as occasional moments. Earphones are capable of bringing out even the faintest elements of the track that are often influenced by other elements when listening to other mid-range earphones.

Listening to high-resolution files makes the soundstage more open, if possible. Great with device breakers, even on crowded tracks The edge of eternity By Crimson Glory, Easy to understand. At higher volume levels, you may hear some unwanted hiss, but we can’t find much better than that in terms of the sound quality of the Lippertech TV.

Lipertech Tevi

Coming to the microphone, the performance was pretty good for the most part. The microphone clearly relays the speaker’s voice, however, the background sounds are not completely muted during the call, which is common in real wireless earphones, especially on budget and mid-range.

The last row

The Lypertek Tevi is one of the most sought after musical pair of truly wireless earphones, especially in the sub 10K price range. The word is open, natural and balanced, with details and character. Not only stellar sound, you get a huge battery life of 70 hours, AptX support, tough physical controls and a simple yet excellent design. These can be very good value for money in the real wireless segment due to the sheer quality of the sound and are currently our best choice for real wireless earphones below 10K.

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