Vivaldi updates their web browsers, bringing new customization options

April 6, 2022 0 Comments

Vivaldi Web Browser has unveiled their fourth technical preview, finalized before Beta which gives you more customization options.

Vivaldi, a web browser created by the former CEO of Opera, has released its fourth technical preview which will be finalized before their beta version. Fourth Technology Preview highlights their new customization options that allow you to control themes, tabs, and other categories in the web browser to your liking.

Vivaldi’s fourth technical preview lets you choose between four themes that transform the UI from light gray to dark charcoal. You can adjust the size of the back and forward buttons and change the position of your tabs and bookmarks anywhere in the browser – top, bottom, left or right. Vivaldi prides itself on having over 155 million ways to customize the web browser’s interface and UI.

In addition to the customization options, Vivaldi also tweaked their mouse gestures, allowing them to switch tabs and activate your keyboard using the mouse gestures. They’ve made it easy for browsers to remember keyboard shortcuts by including a cheat sheet that you can specify at any time. Finally, they are working on extensions that are still running and you will still be able to install and use the AdBlock Plus extension for Chrome in the Vivaldi web browser.

“We have a saying, when in doubt, make it an option,” said John von Tetzner, CEO, Vivaldi Technologies. He later added, “Some people are afraid of choice. But your web browser is something you use all day. Shouldn’t it look, feel and work the way you want it to?”

You can try by downloading Vivaldi here.

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