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April 5, 2022 0 Comments

Problem statement

We all wonder if we can ever have a standard set that will make a developer’s life easier! Today we spend a lot of time working our code on different platforms, different browsers and different operating systems. So if we had to play a video first, the solution was user 3rd party player / plug-ins that tried to outdo each other in terms of browser support and features.

Solution – HTML5 video support

Thanks to W3C who worked towards the HTML5 specs that are being followed by all major browsers today. Video Tags (<ভিডিও>) Has been in HTML5 for several years and is supported by all modern browsers. The W3C school page clearly explains its use

Here’s how easy it is to add it to your page:
<ভিডিও প্রস্থ="320" উচ্চতা="240" নিয়ন্ত্রণ>
<উৎস src="movie.mp4" type="video/mp4">
Fallback Content: Your browser does not support video tags.

Yes, even YouTube uses HTML5 video player. Which suggests that it is not only easy to use but also safe. W3C Draft has EME (Encrypted Media Extension) which ensures the use of DRM for HTML5 video players without the use of plug-ins. Although not all browsers today support it. But it must be in the coming days.

Player options

Azure Media Player – If you have hosted your media content on Azure Media Services, perhaps the best option to stream it is to use Azure Media Player. Azure Media Player uses industry standards such as HTML5, Media Source Extension (MSE) and Encrypted Media Extension (EME) to provide a rich adaptive streaming experience.

Video.js Framework – You can view the open source video.js framework. It’s similar to Microsoft Player, but it also offers a bevy of options for easy styling. They also have an excellent skin designer.

What next?

We can also “wrap” that HTML5 site and player and create hybrid applications with a tool like Cordoba for mobile devices and Windows. Windows 10 offers a great way to create web hosted applications and we can really host a responsive web design based web app with HTML5 standard based player in a Windows 10 app and run it on 1 billion devices (by 2020, hopefully!).

Call to action

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