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WhatsApp vs SolarWinds.
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When you and your team are working online, any problems with your network’s performance can actually slow down progress. Whether it’s due to slow network traffic, crash servers or security threats, once the problem is identified, resolving it will probably waste valuable time and money. For this reason, companies and businesses often turn to Network Performance Monitor to scan their networks, which can lead to slow performance, delays, or other problems. That way, users can take action before progress is interrupted.

But with all the software options available in the market, which network performance monitor will be most beneficial for your organization? Let’s compare two options: Progress WhatsUp Gold and SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor.

What is Progress WhatsUp Gold?

Progress provides its customers with network performance monitoring solutions through its software, Progress WhatsApp Gold. Progress WhatsApp Gold gives users visibility of their network and monitors application performance status, servers, network devices and more.

What is SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor?

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is a scalable network monitoring solution for multi-vendor network monitoring and insights. The product conducts performance monitoring on-premises, hybrid and cloud networks and devices.

Read on, we compare the features and capabilities of each of these options so that you can choose the best network performance monitoring solution for your needs.

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WhatsUp Gold vs Solarwinds: Which of the following is better performance monitoring?

Progress WhatsApp monitors devices, application performance, network traffic, and more in the Gold Cloud and wireless environments. It can automatically detect device dependencies and issues before users are affected, and alerts compromised service administrators. Users can view monitoring through their Unified Dashboard, and their performance monitor alerts are issued within their alert center when the threshold is exceeded.

WhatsUp Gold supports active, performance and passive monitors and captures performance metrics such as performance monitoring CPU and memory usage. It can also monitor the effectiveness of business-critical commercial and internal applications.

In addition, the tool can enhance network visibility with their security detection and response capabilities with Flowman Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics / Network Detection and Response (NPMD / NDR) advanced network performance and traffic analysis solutions.

Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor provides users’ health and performance in a multi-network environment, and real-time, availability, and visibility of historical statistics from SNMP-, API-, and WMI-enabled devices. The tool automatically detects and maps devices for real-time monitoring and can show important network paths across all networks, vendors, devices and applications.

Users can develop insights from their performance data by comparing different data types across platforms. Solarwinds software can monitor the performance of all network devices and applications, including Cisco network devices, Wi-Fi networks, and more. Through this, users can gain original performance metrics, including network availability metrics, as well as current and historical performance metrics, which are then displayed on customizable charts and dashboards. The tool can create customized network availability reports using customizable templates and supports Microsoft Azure with performance metrics.

WhatsApp Gold vs Solarwinds: Which is better to diagnose and analyze?

Advanced Performance Monitoring solutions allow users to more easily diagnose problems with their networks and devices through their interactive maps. By integrating it with the Flowman NPMD / NDR solution, users can benefit from improved traffic analysis data, security threat identification / response features and a better view of their network infrastructure, traffic and applications. Together these tools can make it easier for users to detect data leaks, discrepancies, and performance degradations so that problems can be quickly diagnosed.

The Network Traffic Analysis module provides data on bandwidth costs, indicating which user’s protocols and applications are using bandwidth, which can help users establish bandwidth usage policies and manage effective bandwidth. In addition, knowing the historical bandwidth usage trends and bandwidth costs can be useful for problem solving and identifying barrier problems and suspicious connections.

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The SolarWinds NPM tool can provide users with data reports and insights into its software packet analysis, hop-by-hop network path analysis, cross-stack network data interrelationships and much more. Software packet analysis can help users determine the root cause of the problem and the cause of the obstruction. Network Path Analysis Critical network path analysis provides visibility of performance, traffic, and configured intelligence across hybrid networks. Through cross-stack network data interrelationships, users can test data as well. And with its Experience Quality (QoE) dashboard, users can run network latency tests to see network response times, analyze and identify network traffic, and gain insights and determine the source of problems during their network response. The system also reports key performance metrics such as node and interface availability, current interface, node and volume status. This allows users to more easily resolve and resolve issues between their networks and devices.

WhatsApp Gold vs Solarwinds: Which has better security features and warnings?

In addition to providing network visibility and performance monitoring, Progress WhatsUp Gold also offers security features. Using WhatsAppUp Gold and Flowmon NPMD / NDR together can give users the ability to detect inconsistencies, which can help them identify threats and act appropriately. WhatsUp Gold also has the ability to manage logs, which can help with security incidents investigation, troubleshooting and visibility. Users may be alerted to specific situations, such as network configuration changes, application components, and application-level dependencies. They can also customize their alert settings to control which situations create alerts.

SolarWinds performs network fault monitoring and performance management. Although its network performance monitoring tool does not provide specific security features, its network monitoring maps and paths can be helpful when troubleshooting and looking for threat signs. Additionally, the software comes with Network Performance Monitoring alert, which can alert users about security situations such as intrusion attempts, system changes and the presence of malware. Users can set custom alerts to adjust their alert settings, change the built-in default alerts, and change significant network monitoring. They can set dependency- and topology-aware alerts to inform only about specific events. Users can specify days and times when they want to be alerted. They can set alerts for issues such as high CPU or memory usage, delayed response time, crash server, device malfunction, serious hardware failure, status request failure, low server health, user activity, and exceeding custom thresholds.

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WhatsApp Gold vs. SolarWinds: Concluding Thoughts

Now that you’ve read some of the key features and capabilities of these two software systems, you’ll have a better idea of ​​what’s best for your organization. If you are still in doubt, think about your organization’s requirements for network performance management.

For example, if your organization needs performance and security features, Progress WhatsUp Gold’s Flowmon NPMD / NDR integration can provide more useful security capabilities. However, suppose you want to gain insights into your organization’s network using performance metrics from multiple data types and sources. In that case, SolarWinds’ cross-stack IT interaction feature might be a good option.

Considering the needs and requirements of your network when deciding on performance monitoring solutions will help you identify the best choice for your organization.

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