Wiio Wii Star 3G Review: This star does not burn

March 31, 2022 0 Comments

Wiio Wii Star 3G detailed review

Android smartphones are always measured in terms of their specs and the value of money. The Wiio Wi Star 3G price point takes one step lower, let’s see what happens.

Design and build

The Wiio Wi Star 3G has an orthodox candibar design and uses decent plastic. Appearances may remind you of the early Android phones of Samsung or Micromax. The phone is heavy but ergonomically sound.

Decent for the build price and the phone can easily fit the build quality offered by many Indian phone manufacturers at this price. The light textured back adds look and is easy to grasp.

Screen and UI

The Wiio Star’s display is pretty bad. The clarity of the text, poor viewing angles and poor visibility of the sun’s screen. The only way I can use this display is to test it in a poorly lit room and always at 75% plus brightness. Examining the screen was a daunting task as the screen is visible as soon as you look directly at it.

Further on, on the UI front, the Wiio did a fine job. The smartphone runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and in addition to the slow unlock screen, the phone offers a nice Spartan Android experience. The Wiio Wi Star 3G has common apps like Facebook and Whatsapp which is a welcome step to have pre-installed.


Performance is never a high point for a budget phone, and the Wiio Wii Star 3G is no exception because it scores very close to the bottom. Everyday functionality is not completely smooth and during my testing, the phone often lags behind. The phone constantly stutters when I try to play 1080p video. Even playing 720p video was not completely lag free. Games like Dead Trigger did not crash but were worth playing with noticeable frame drops.

On the network side, the phone had trouble connecting to the network properly The quality of the call was poor because both ends were less audible, and there was an audible static problem during the call. The audio quality wasn’t good either, and the music was hollow from the loudspeakers or through the headphones.

The phone has the lowest score I have ever seen on a synthetic benchmark. Here are some scores that the smartphone has been able to achieve.

Camera and battery

The Wiio Wii Star 3G has a 5MP camera on the back which does not have autofocus Pictures taken over the phone were noisy and saturated with uneven colors Video quality is also bad. There was constant frame lag which made the video completely invisible.

The 2000mAh battery was also a disappointment. I was able to get only 3.5 hours of battery life from this phone. If you prefer to play video streaming or playing games, battery life can be further damaged.

The last row

At Rs 4,439, it is a very affordable Android smartphone but at this low price too, Wiio Wii Star 3G Not worth considering. As a modern day smartphone, the smartphone does not have a single redemption quality. In short, don’t buy it, save some more money and buy something else. Check out the Lenovo A6000 or the upcoming Moto E (2nd gen) instead.

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