Windows 10 Mobile is expected to launch in September

April 6, 2022 0 Comments

Windows 10 Mobile will launch in late September, according to reports. Microsoft has already confirmed the launch of its Windows 10 OS for July 29, but has not confirmed when the other versions will come.

Windows Phone 8 – The successors to Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise are expected to be massively shipped in the next few months. According to Newwin, a Microsoft spokesman revealed the September launch date during a presentation to the company’s partners. The slide states that both the enterprise and consumer versions of Windows 10 Mobile should be available “by the end of the next quarter”, ending in September. Microsoft said that “Windows Mobile SQUs will be available by the end of next quarter.” However, a Microsoft spokesman added that the launch could also take place in October.

This launch date is meant for OEM and partners to do account career testing, update cycles, etc. Regular users may have to wait a lot longer depending on the network carrier and location. Sophisticated OS-powered devices are expected to hit the market in October. Microsoft has stated that the company will no longer rely on carrier delivery for Windows 10 updates on mobile devices. The company said, “Here at Microsoft, we take our responsibility to keep Windows secure. And today, we are announcing that this continuous update process applies to all Windows 10 devices, including phones.”

Microsoft announced the launch of its Windows 10 OS on July 29th Windows desktop users are already getting prompts to upgrade to Windows 10 OS for free. The company has confirmed that the OS will launch on Mobile, Surface Hub and Microsoft HoloLens in a few months. The software giant said that Windows 10 would be Microsoft’s last standalone desktop OS. Windows 10 OS will be preloaded with Voice Assistance Cortana, a new browser – Microsoft Edge and Windows Defender with anti-malware protection. The new build brings new music, photos, calendars and many more apps for users. “From the return to the Start menu to the various innovative features, Microsoft has created a more personal, fun and productive Windows experience,” Microsoft said in a press release.

Source: Newwin

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