Xanova Juturna-U Review: Attractive audio signature customization

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Impressive audio quality, brilliant microphone performance and amazing build quality are all present in the Xanova Juturna-U gaming headset. Whether we play in open-world action games or platforms or even listen to music, the headset has been able to provide great audio in almost every genre and usage. Although it has a slight lack of bass section, it gives enough in-game explosions and the sound of gunfire. The quality of the microphone was something that was exceptional and almost as good as the best tested in our lab. Not only does the voice sound normal but it also manages to maintain clarity. Juturna-U lets you adjust the bus across three levels which means increasing those specific frequencies. This can be done with each earcup switch. The Virtual 7.1 sound card has an FPS mode button that amplifies the high frequency to benefit FPS gamers by bumping into moving sounds. Xanova has created a really good gaming headset that has all the necessary features that anyone can ask for. From build quality to feature to performance, they have been able to offer a worthy product. Looking at the competition, the price of Juturna-U is also impressive.

Xanova Juturna-U detailed review


Gaming headset makers are constantly pushing for better quality gaming headsets and making them more budget-friendly. A few years ago, it was difficult to find a good headset in the mid-range that performed well in audio quality and packed all the necessary features. However, this is changing and many manufacturers have already introduced several headsets in this segment. PC component and peripheral manufacturers have launched their own gaming brand called GALAX Xanova and we will see more products enter India. The first is their gaming headset, the Xanova Juturna-U which we have been able to review. It comes in two variants including Jutarna and Jutarna-e where the latter connects to your device using a USB connection. While it may look like a regular headset, one of its highlights is the base control level which lets you upgrade to a lower frequency through three levels. We will explore this feature and other aspects closely

xanova juturna-u


Frequency response: 20-20 kHz

Sensitivity (1kHz, 1V / Pa): 95 ± 3dB at 1 kHz

Obstacles: 32 ohms (1 kHz, 1 mW)

Microphone obstruction: ≤2.2k ohm

Microphone sensitivity: -52dB ± 3dB

Weight: 290 g

xanova juturna-u

Construction and design

Following a conventional headphone design, the Xanova Juturna-U features a detachable combo for audio inputs and outputs. The headset uses a slider mechanism to adjust the size of the user’s head. Made of aluminum, the frame of the headset is quite flexible with low clamping force. On top, the main part of the headband is covered with a synthetic leather material that is also present in the earpads. There is soft cushioning on the headband for comfort on your head.

xanova juturna-u

Lots of plastic is used on the rest of the body. This plastic has a premium feel and a matte coating on top of the earcup. They can rotate 90 degrees outward and this is quite convenient because you can hang them comfortably around your neck. The earpads are made of memory foam covered with the same leather-like material found in the headband.

xanova juturna-u

Juterna-U’s lightweight design, with low clamping force and memory foam earpads, gives the gaming headsets the exact amount of comfort you can expect. If you are among those who engage in long gaming sessions, this headset will not disappoint you. We played our favorite game wearing this headset for over six hours and we didn’t feel any discomfort.

xanova juturna-u

Coming to the other contents of the box, there are several cable options with a carry pouch. There is a small cable to connect the headset to your mobile devices and gaming consoles. It has an in-line button for receiving calls. None of the wires have any kind of multimedia control. This is an aspect that frustrated us.

xanova juturna-u

The microphone also has a long cable that can be attached to any device using a combo 3.5mm jack on either end. We hope that this cable will be connected to the earcup and will be in position as it has a mic. However, it wanders along the harbor and sometimes feels a bit weak. If you want to connect the headset to your PC, you need to use a virtual 7.1 sound card. There is a button on the sound card to switch the headset to FPS mode. Basically, the higher frequencies are extended to make the footsteps and other environmental sounds clearer to the advantage of the player.

xanova juturna-u

Audio performance

Gaming headsets increase the base or lower frequency so that the in-game sounds seem stronger and more immersive. Therefore, a warm word signature is always expected on them. The same thing is observed in Xanova Juturna-U, although it is not really that warm. It has some alloys that can be felt but not enough to give a satisfactory punch during an explosion. Speaking of audio quality, the sound stage was impressive. Especially in the open world games, we’ve got it wide enough to create a sense of scale. There was no amount of distortion in the audio while playing the game. We won’t say it was crisp and clear, but you won’t have a hard time distinguishing one word from another. This is especially important during multiplayer games where voice and game audio overlap and game audio usually surpasses voice. At such times you are forced to lower the audio of the game so that you can listen to your teammates. Juturna-U does not require any of these adjustments. We used headsets to listen to some songs. It was slightly higher than average but it is not something that the headset is trying to master. Overall, the audio quality is impressive on most fronts and you must have a positive experience while gaming.

xanova juturna-u

Audio enhancements are highly thematic because not everyone wants to spend time tweaking the word. They would love to use the headset because it comes out of the box. For the enthusiastic type, Base Control Level Jutner offers an extra edge to customize the sound signature a bit. Tuned across three levels of base frequency, the switch on the edge of the earcup lets you change your choice. It does not affect the middle or high frequency and only changes the low frequency. These are hardware buttons, so this setting applies to any device connected to headphones. Another addition to the headset is the FPS mode button on the Virtual 7.1 sound card. When you press the button, higher frequencies are encouraged to be convenient in FPS games. The high frequency bumping movement gives an advantage, making the sound more audible. Remember, you need to use a sound card for this feature to work. Both of these enhancements are great because it gives the user more freedom to customize the sound signature on their headset. You can play more with audio profiles and simulations using Xanova Audio 7.1 software. To enable or disable Virtual 7.1, you need to use the software.

xanova juturna-u

We notice that more gaming headset manufacturers are taking microphone functionality more seriously. Earlier, it was given that the mic in a gaming headset is going to be average or average. However, even better mic is now being added to the low budget segment. The Juturna-U has a bright mic that manages to reproduce the voice around a standalone mic like the ModMic 5. It does not try to increase the frequency of your voice but adds some reverb. Although higher voices are preferred in voice chats, some bass of the voice seems more normal. The voice quality at Juturna-U is almost comparable to that of HyperX Cloud Alpha and Audeze Mobius, which we reviewed last year. So, you can be sure to use mic for voice chat and even comments for your live streaming session. However, the mic is not completely flawless. There is some kind of interference between the audio signals, so the audio from the earcup is picked up by the mic even if it is kept away from each other. This means users on the other end of the voice chat will be able to hear everything you hear, including your voice. We’re guessing the problem is in the cable and it’s highly probable that it only remains in our review unit. Since the audio input and output are on the same cable, there is no way to bypass this problem. So, if this problem is likely to occur, it is a good choice to use separate cables for input and output. We will update this review shortly after testing with a different review unit.

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