Yet another bird game review

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Yet another bird game is a drama about sound and the current fad that was started by Angry Birds. But this game from our own Supersyx Games Studio has won runners-up prizes in the Square Enix Game Development Competition and the time we have spent with it, we can see why. However, this game is not free and if you are wondering whether to buy it, read the review.

Yet a detailed review of another bird game


Ever since Angry Birds took the iTunes App Store by storm, there have been many games designed around the same concept. Today, we’re still reviewing another bird game (yes, that’s actually the name of the game), a game created by a native studio called Supersyx Games. The game was runner-up in the Square Enix Game Development Contest, so we wanted to see for ourselves what the hype was all about. So, we scored a copy ourselves (the game is only on iOS) [iPhone and iPod touch] And the iPad is not compatible) and plays for hours to see if the game was priced at $ 0.99 fee. Here are our thoughts:

Story and purpose:
Yet another bird game is set in a universe where an evil scientist absolutely hates birds. Thus he is going to develop “Current-X” to free the birds from their natural habitat: the electric wire. Thus the game takes place on high tension electrical wires where six species of birds use them as habitat. Your goal is to make sure that every time a jolt of electricity flows from one end of the wire to the other, you will remove any bird from that wire.

You have six kinds of birds, named Beanbag, Forkwing, Spartan, Scarecrow, Dr. Strangebird and ben, each bird has its own “power”. Even if you have five bird allies, the squarecrow can be a kind of jolt, which will knock any bird in the vicinity to ashes, ruining your life. Lose three birds and finish his game. How did you lose a life? Well, in addition to the scarecrow being completely shaken, you can also scare your birds if the current X hits one of them.

Yet another bird game is played mainly by moving the birds from one wire to another and then choosing where they should go. Although the game initially starts nicely and slowly, it steadily increases in speed, with current flowing from one wire at a time to two at a time. At any given time, you will have four birds on the wire, a number that increases as the gameplay progresses. A bird dressed as Marilyn the Magician has the power to separate you from one “world” to the next. The Spartan bird is particularly troublesome, often refusing to move when “ordered” to do so. So the challenge is to protect the Spartans using Dr. Strangebird’s current exploitative shoes.

If you think that you can get away from single-handed gameplay, then another thing is coming to you. When trying to zap multiple current streams and scarecrows to their own kind, or collecting worms for points and special abilities (different colored worms give different power ups) and looking at the current, you will see that you are shaking to use both thumbs. . Rather fast.

Apparently, yet another bird game uses muted shades of pink and blue, combined with a very flat 2D style artwork that is very reminiscent of game design in the early 90’s. The birds are designed with a lot of attention to detail and often express excitement while playing games. The sound is an eclectic loop associated with the sound of lightning as it passes through the wire.

End row:
Yet another bird game is not just another bird game. It relies heavily on hand-eye coordination and requires incredibly fast thinking and reflection. The game relies on a rather simple action, but over time, that makes the action much more challenging. Yet another bird game is bound to keep you busy for hours, if not days, and we strongly recommend buying it for a little $ 0.99 price tag. You can download the game for iOS from here.

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