YU Developer Challenge 6.0 has been announced

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YU Developer Challenge 6.0 is a stable AOSP Android M ROM for Unique, Euphoria, Eureka and Eureka +.

YU has announced Developer Challenge 6.0 for a stable AOSP Android M ROM for Unique, Euphoria, Eureka and Eureka +. The submission deadline is December 10, 11:59 pm and the test period is two weeks. The company said it was not looking for a CM ROM and advised developers to submit AOSP Android-M with minimal hacking. It further states that even if single contributors are allowed to participate, it will only accept one entry per team or individual. The winner of the challenge will get money. 1 lakh. The prize for the second and third place is money. 50,000 and Rs. 25,000 respectively.

Read the full press release below

Hello developers,

You always make us proud for a collaborative bunch, ROM contributions, bug tracking and what you contribute to the UU forum. We and everyone in the community have benefited greatly from all your contributions.

Okay, it’s time to dump some more dust because we’re challenging all ROM developers to bring AOSP – Android M, to all YU devices.

Yes, we are launching YU Developer Challenge 6.0, to challenge everything you know and bring AOSP-Android M OS. We will support you with all the tools you may need during this process – tutorials, guides, devices … anything that will help you get it done.

While the best ROM will be supported by YU and will work around stable builds, the top 3 ROMs for each category will also win exciting prizes. We believe in partnership and take the best in the YU group and we are excited and hopeful that this challenge will bring a worthy ROM.

Read on for more details and we look forward to some amazing times ahead:

Problem statement

Bring a stable AOSP Android M ROM for our YU devices. Eureka and Eureka +, Euphoria, Unique

Last date of submission: 10 December 2015: 11:59 AM

Duration of the test: 2 weeks

Announcement of winners: Decision to be made soon

Terms and conditions of the competition.

We are not looking for CM ROM, so please submit AOSP Android-M with minimum hack.
Although a single contributor is allowed to participate, we will only accept one entry per team / individual.
Full credit to the author of your promise.
Useful resources: You can use the following sources: Device Tree, Vendor Blobs, Kernel Source.


1st prize: 1 lakh (for each device)
2nd prize: 50K (for each device)
3rd prize: 25K (for each device)

Criteria of judgment and selection of winners
Stability – Top 3 ROMs (for each device) that will successfully boot up will be tested by our closed community beta testers and more by our testing team.
Minimum CTS / GTS Failure – We urge participants to run a sanitation check by testing their software against Android compatibility. – https://source.android.com/compatibility/cts/setup.html
Vanilla AOSP – Android-M should be as short and vanilla as possible.
Minimal bugs – we’ll keep those roms for testing and the fewer the bugs the better the chances of winning.
Sharing Resources – All resources and methods used to create your ROM should be shared with us.

How to enter
Challenge Answer this thread as your acceptance.
Become a registered member of the forum.
Use the following Google form to submit your entry. http://bit.ly/1l9bdga

For more information, visit: http://forums.yuplaygod.com/threads/yu-android-m-aosp-bring-up-challenge-calling-all-rom-devs.28477/

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