Zerodium claims $ 1 million bounty for hacking iOS 9

April 5, 2022 0 Comments

Gerodium posted a tweet congratulating the winning team and if it was really hacked, any Apple device running iOS 9 could be vulnerable.

Zerodium’s $ 1 million bounty has apparently been claimed to hack the new iOS 9. The company posted a tweet on their Twitter account congratulating the winners. The company announced a multi-million dollar bounty program called iOS 9 Bug Bounty in September and gave hackers until October 31 to bring the zero-day exploitation of iOS 9 OS.

In his tweet, Zerodium said, “Our iOS # 0day bounty has expired and we have a winning team who have created a remote browser-based iOS 9.1 / 9.2b #jailbreak (antithard). Congratulations! “They did not specify who won the bounty. It was not clear if the exploitation was restricted to all browsers used in Apple’s Safari web browsers or devices. All Apple devices running iOS 9 are at risk.

Zerodium is a zero-day acquisition platform that offers ব্যক্তি 1 million to each individual or group who can create and submit an exclusive, browser-based, and untethered jailbreak for iOS 9. The company was willing to pay a total of 3. Millions reward for exploiting and jailbreaking iOS 9. The program was aimed at experienced security researchers, reverse engineers and jailbreak developers. There were several conditions for any submission to be eligible for the grant. One of these conditions was that any submission must be directed to and allowed for the arbitrary, remote, privileged and continuous installation of an arbitrary app on a device with iOS 9. Another condition was that the attack could be through a webpage that targeted the default configuration of Mobile Safari. Or chrome. It can also be through a webpage that targets an app that can be accessed through a browser. Attacks can also occur through text or multimedia files sent via SMS or MMS. The company further stated that the whole process should be achieved remotely and silently without any interaction from the user when they visit a page or read an SMS / MMS. Zerodium further stated that deposits should include a complete chain of unknown, undisclosed, and unexplained vulnerabilities / exploits. However, it said it could make a separate offer for partial exploitation.

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